The Sacred Artifact

five regular high school students find curiosity placing them in a very difficult spot. Upon encountering some strange girl, mysterious events begin to surround them. Murders, missing people, and some things that can't be explained logically. But exactly why are they happening?


3. Chapter 3

~Still the Hallway~

"W-What was that...." Ellen says horrified. "I......think it came from the cafeteria..." Alex says trying to stay calm. "....I heard a voice..." Claude says.  "Th-this is not the time for that Claude!" Ellen yells as she holds onto Alex. "It told me about...a girl...something about a girl.." Claude says a little confused. "I got a bad feeling about this.." Ryan says as Ian starts to run down the hallway yelling, " We should check it out!"  "Ian! Get back here!" Ryan yells running after Ian.  "I think the voice is right....we should follow him." Claude says when he leaves after Ryan and Ian.  "This kid always acts on impulse..well, I've nothing to lose. C'mon Ellen." Alex panics and starts running after the three boys. "W-wait up!" Ellen says still terrified. 


As Ian enters the café panting he shouts, "Hey! Are you okay over there?!"  A dark figure sees Ian and runs. "Hey, what's wrong?!" Ian shouts. "Ian, who was that?" Ryan says curious. "I don't know.." Ian says a bit scared.  The five of them walk further into the café when they stop.  " God..." Ellen says about to scream.  "Ian...there's...blood..." Alex says ready to puke. As they walk closer to the tables they see a blood covered body with a knife protruding from the chest.  "Ahhhhhhhhh!" Ellen screams and Alex covers Ellen's eyes saying, "Oh my God...."  "The voices were right..." Claude says turning away from the scene. "Why would anyone do this..." Ian says observing the scene when he spots a black glove fallen next to the body. Ian walks up to the glove and examines it, the outside is a bit burned and tattered, but also covered in the victims blood. " the staff and the police...Alex go with her." Ian says becoming serious.  "Ian...isn't that.." Ryan says slowly.  "God...who did this." Ian says starting to get upset. As Alex and Ellen are leaving Alex shouts over to them, "Who is it?" "It's Erica. The girl who went missing..." Claude says as calmly as he can. "Why would anyone want to murder another human being." Alex says when Ian interrupts, "If their hearts are even human...Alex, come take a look at this real quick.." "What? What for?!" Alex says getting worried.  "To make sure you witnessed what happened when the police arrive." Ryan says.  Alex hesitates for a moment, but proceeds saying, "Okay...Claude watch Ellen for me."  Alex and Claude switch places and she examines the body.  From where the knife is protruding, blood continues to flow out and gather in a puddle surrounding the body. Not long after the Staff enter the café terrified and some probably left with a scar indented into their memories. "To think...a student of mines was murdered..." The principal says horrified.  After a few moments Ellen  recovered from the shock and joined the others. About five minutes later, alarms were heard and the police officers flooded through the doorway. They began securing the perimeter, tying tags, and quarantined the area with yellow tape.  The staff on the first floor, Ryan, and everyone were sent off to the gym. "I can't believe this happened...and why did it happen...I don't even know anymore..." Ryan says confused.  "We don't know anything either Ryan, all we know for sure is that there was a murder here." Claude says confidently slightly puffing out his chest.  "And we don't know who it is...hell, he could still be here..." Ian says afraid.  "D-Don't say's scary just thinking about it..." Ellen says terrified.  "Ellen, he's just stating the truth. I mean if the murderer escaped..they would have caught him by now...there's no way he would escape out into the open.  It's like having a lion hunting it's prey out in an open field where the prey can see it and run..." Alex says.  "If he's smart, he wouldn't bother playing cat and mouse. The best for a criminal mind to work is to slowly slip away...but explaining that get's us nowhere. There was a murder. And the one to be killed was one of our own people. Our own classmate. Killed in our school." Ian says ending the brain wracking conversation.


A/N: ok so, I wasn't planning on ending it there but what else can I do. I did however want to know how everyone likes the story so far, is it awesome? is it cool? is it bad? is it terrible? I would like to know. And if you wanted I have other stories on here feel free to read them n comment if you like...and that's it hope you liked this chapter next will probably be a wee bit longer so k bye love you

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