The Sacred Artifact

five regular high school students find curiosity placing them in a very difficult spot. Upon encountering some strange girl, mysterious events begin to surround them. Murders, missing people, and some things that can't be explained logically. But exactly why are they happening?


2. Chapter 2

 Main office: 

  "Hi Ms. Souza, can I get a late pass?"  Ryan says casually.  "Really, again Ryan?" Ms. Souza says a bit upset.  As Ryan was about to answer the office doors burst opens and in enters Ian, Ellen, Alexandra, Claude, and a bunch of security guards.  "Hi Ms. Souza!" Ian says way too friendly.  Ms. Souza sighs, "I'll get the principal..."  "Oh hey Ian, you're late again?"  Ellen says not even the least bit surprised while Alexandra facepalms, "We saw him in the hallway awhile ago, or more like I did....."  "......Really?...."  Ellen says shocked.  Ryan then proceeds to come over laughing as he swings his arms around everyone saying, "The gangs all here!"  "You know I'm not the least bit surprised to see Ryan and Ian late...." Alex said as she notices Ellen staring at Claude. "Soo....what happened?"  Ian asks skeptical of the answer,  "She called me crazy..." Claude says quietly.  "Ohhhhh"  everyone says at the same time.  That's when the five kids hear the chatter in the principals office.  "Quiet down all of you!" the principal says as the kids are ushered into his office.  "You know, this is the third time this week that I've spoken to all of you!" The principal says angrily as he paces back and forth in his office when he faces Ryan.  "Ryan...." he says shaking his head, ".....I understand that you have a goal for baseball, but concentrate on your studies my boy!"  "Yes, sir..." Ryan says slightly disappointed.  "Good now get to class." Says the principal as Ryan gets up to leave he the principal turns to Ellen and Alex.  "Alex, Ellen, these past three days, you've been skipping your first period class. I'm very worried that you might fail your science course." The principal says with a worried expression.  "But I'm not really failing my tests." Alex says defensively.  "Alex....I understand that very well, you're one of our top students in the science course, but attendance counts about half your grade. Do you understand now?" says the principal with a very soft expression. "Ugh, yea I do..." Alex says annoyed. The principal stands there waiting for an appropriate response, "Sorry, I do understand...."  "Now're very smart..but you shouldn't be skipping class with Alex just because you have nothing to do." says the principal.  "But I have something very important to tell her..." Ellen says whiningly.  "Well that can be during your you two get to class as well."  The principal says finally. He then walks up to Ian expressionless.  "I swear, I tried to get to class as fast as I could! I just woke up late! It won't happen again."  Ian says terrified. The principal over at the security guards and nods, "Fine I'll let you off this time. Next time just go to bed early, alright?" Says the principal tiredly.  Ian nods vigorously and leaves the office.


 Ian and everyone else wait for Claude when hear a booming voice.  The voice calms down for a minute and out walks Claude. "Well, it's not bad. I mean she should know not to tick you off like that..." Ryan said trying to comfort Claude.  "Ryan....I don't feel bad about it as much as you know..." Claude says guiltily. "Well then..." Ryan says pretending to be offended by the comment.  "Let's just get to much as I hate to.." Alex says disappointed.  "Well we have to go...I mean we're only let off like this without suspension is because our parents know him since they all went to high school together." Ellen says matter-a-factly. "Well I don't really know much bout that...but Alex is right we should go" Ryan says trying to get the subject.  "Yeah." Ian says as he pulls his phone out to watch a video clip a friend sent him. As they're walking to class, talking normally Ian stops and asks them a question, "Hey guys, did you anything about a girl going missing?"  They all stop and stare at Ian.  After what seemed to be forever Alex breaks the silence, "Well it was on the news...but I didn't see much of it." Alex says a little sad.  "Same dude." Ryan says agreeing with Alex.  "I heard she was in high school..." Ellen says scared. "Well..I got an update and it said that she was a from our high school. She's a senior, Erica C." Ian says with a serious expression.  "Ian, this stuff happens everywhere...I don't think it's that suprising..." Claude says trying reassure everyone.  "Yeah, but you've got to admit that it's kinda scary.." says Ryan still a bit spooked. "But don't you think it's terrifying? I mean Erica's friend committed suicide last year around this time of year..." Alex says worried.  "That's just a coincidence." Ryan says trying to play it off.  "Maybe....anyway we should go..." Ian says still unsure when they hear an ear piercing scream...


A/N:  srry it's been so long since I posted, but here is the second chappy for ya'll hope you like this comment if you do k bye love you 

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