1. searching for victims.

Harry's POV:

It was 11 pm on a saturday night. Me and the boys planned this night a long time ago. We needed a slave. Not an usual slave, a sexslave. We're boys soo we have needs too. We wanted a pretty innocent virgin.

We were driving trough a small town in Ohio. After driving around for almost three hours we saw the perfect girl from her bedroom window. She was kind of a wallflower, love it !

Abby's POV:

Hi, i'm Abigail Rose, but call me Abby. Anyway i am 15 years old and i am from a small town in Ohio.

At school nobody notices me. So i do not get bullies but i don't have any friends.

I have been depressed for two years, you can still see the scars and stuff. I still cut quite often.

My parents are like really rich and they're always gone. So I am always on my own. Soo that's me..



Sorry for any mistakes in grammar and stuff. I hope you'll like it. Fan me or leave a message so i get an idea if i should keep writing.

Ciaoo Nikki and Kyra

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