Where We Are *A Niall Horan Love Story*(sequel to Riding A Rollercoaster)

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  • Published: 29 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 7 Feb 2015
  • Status: Complete
They promised to love each other, no matter what came their way. Their love was like riding a rollercoaster, there were ups and downs. So much has happened and they can't help wonder 'Where We Are'. Will Niall and Jamie ever be together again? Will the band stay together? Or will Niall have to sacrifice one for the other?


11. Tell Me A Lie

*Zayn's P.O.V*

"Finally, the pizza has arrived!" Lou yelled, relieved. He'd been getting grumpier by the minute and Eleanor was trying to console his growling stomach. 

I looked up from the screen on my phone-I'd been messaging Perrie- and laughed as his face changed from a look of irritation to one of pure bliss.

We all crowded around the table as Niall put it down and then we picked at the pizzas, tearing slices, chomping down on them fiercely, feeding like a pack of hyenas descending on their prey. I felt slightly possessive over the slice I had in my mouth and the one in my other hand.

"Where's Curly and Jamie?" Niall asked, too distracted to claim ownership over a slice of his favourite topping, which was extremely unusual. Although, his hand was extended towards it.

I seemed to be the only one who heard him as the others dispersed after grabbing their portions.

"They went out for a walk," I mumbled through a full mouth.


I shrugged.


I shrugged again, chugging down some water.

"I'll go search for them before the grub finishes."

I nodded and made my way back to the sofa which was now fully occupied by Liam and Dani (who looked very cosy huddled close together) and had to suffice for the floor-which was okay since there was pizza.

*Liam's P.O.V*

"Yeah I'll see ya," I said to Danielle as we hugged goodbye. She had to leave and get to bed early because she had to catch a train to Brighton early the next day. She had a photoshoot to do.

"Take care!" she yelled, before getting into the taxi she had called earlier. I waved at her as the taxi pulled away, only to see Niall walking around the corner. He had his hood pulled up, his long fringe hanging and his face looked more pink than normal.

"You alright, mate? The pizza's getting cold," I teased, putting an arm around his shoulders casually as he walked through the door.

"I'm fine," he mumbled, not meeting my eyes. He turned around to close the door behind us and not let the chilly wind in and then hurried to his room, shutting the door behind him.

A few moments later, Jamie and Harry burst through the front door, laughing like they didn't have a care in the world. Jamie's arms were looped around Harry's, her cheeks and lips a rosy pink.

"Hello fellas!" Harry chirped, kicking the door behind him, as Jamie watched on, giggling like a giddy schoolgirl.

They stumbled over to where the pizza leftovers were and  soon sat, having a proper conversation as they picked at the pizza slices.

The rest of us exchanged glances. What the bloody hell was going on?

*Niall's P.O.V*

Tell me I'm a screwed up mess,

That I never listen, listen

Tell me you don't want my kiss

That you need your distance, distance

Tell me anything but don't you say he's what your missing, baby

If he's the reason that you're leaving me tonight

Spare me what you think

And tell me a lie

And I'd have to deal with that.

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