Where We Are *A Niall Horan Love Story*(sequel to Riding A Rollercoaster)

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  • Published: 29 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 7 Feb 2015
  • Status: Complete
They promised to love each other, no matter what came their way. Their love was like riding a rollercoaster, there were ups and downs. So much has happened and they can't help wonder 'Where We Are'. Will Niall and Jamie ever be together again? Will the band stay together? Or will Niall have to sacrifice one for the other?


17. Kiss You

*Jamie's P.O.V*

As soon as our lips touched, the warmth spread from my chest and throughout my body till I could feel my fingertips tingling. I felt my hands that were cold and shivering before, now firm and steady, snake their way to wrap around his neck, pulling him closer.

I felt him reciprocate as his grip on my neck tightened,his other hand sliding down my hand and slipping under the covers until it rested on my waist,  where my breathing hitched.

But then, he suddenly stopped and pulled back.

He cleared his throat and gazed into my eyes,his brilliant blue ones making my heart rate quicken.

I leaned in to kiss him again and he did,briefly before pulling away again, his eyelids heavy. His hands were loose on my neck and waist.

His eyes dimmed.

I frowned.

"You...don't want me to kiss you?"

Was I a bad kisser?

He glanced at my lips. I moved my hands down to his bare chest,his breathing getting heavy.

Despite his words, I pressed my mouth to his. He was as still as a stone but slowly,his hands tightened once again and moved to the back of my neck, his finger tracing my jawline,barely touching my skin,sending shivers down my spine and giving me goosebumps.

By the time he pulled away yet again, I was breathless,my heart was in my throat.

"Jamie," he sighed softly. I could feel his warm breath on my lips. I leaned in yet again,wanting more. However, he gently placed a hand on my arm. I didn't lean in any closer.

"I don't want you to kiss me to make me happy. I want you to kiss me when you want to," he explained.

"But I do-"

"You're tired," he interrupted,his voice smooth and calm.

I nodded. I did feel it coming on. "Yeah. I should go. Sorry for coming so late."

I sat up slowly,wincing as my body ached. Sitting in the cold rain wasn't such a good idea.

"Don't apologise. You can come here whenever you want. I'll give you a key," he told me. It surprised me how he trusted me so easily. "And...you don't have to go. You could sleep here,if you want."

"I'd like that," I agreed.

"Great. That's...that's good. I'll...sleep on the floor."

"Well, I don't want to make you sleep on the floor in your own home. We can share the bed."


"Can we..hug?" I scratched my head."I mean, it'd be nice if we...I'd feel much better...much warmer if-"

"Of course," he grinned.

We scooted closer and I held my hands close to my chest,the sleeves pulled all the way down to cover my hands. Once we got into a comfortable position, it wasn't long before my eyes closed.

The next morning...

I was quite a light sleeper which was why I woke up when I heard the bedsheets ruffling. I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hands so they wouldn't feel so small and swollen.

The warm bed was too good to get out of and Niall's scent still lingered. I snuggled deeper into the bed, pulling the sheets up to my chin and curling up into a bed.

I still felt quite disgusting but it was a vast improvement from last night. I yawned,my arms outstretched.

Hang on.

I reached for the spot next to me. Empty.


"Hiya," a cheerful voice replied. I looked across the room to see Niall partially naked, a bath towel wrapped around his lower half,his hair damp and pointing in all directions. 

I felt my cheeks heat up and I hid back under the sheets quietly.

"Sorry," I apologised, embarrassed.

"Would you stop apologising?"

"I'll get out of here,give you some privacy," I offered.

"There's some breakfast on the table,if you're hungry."

I was,actually. I was starving.

I hurried out of the room,careful not to slip on the socks as I found my way to the kitchen where, as Niall had correctly pointed out, where two empty plates. And in the centre, was a large bowl of pasta. 

I scooped up a large amount onto one of the empty plates and sat down. I chugged down a whole cup of water before digging in and scarfing the food down. By the time Niall got dressed, I had already eaten half of what I'd put on my plate.


"Did you make this?" I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. 

Niall was coming his hair with his fingers as he sat down in the chair across me. "Yeah. I was leppin' with the hunger yesterday," he commented. "It means starving," he explained,chuckling as he saw the look on my face.

"Oh. You learn something new every day."

He scooped some of the pasta onto his plate together with several large meatballs.

"Thanks," I began. "For yesterday and breakfast."

"It's alright. You feeling any better?"

"No-yeah-I'm good." I stood up to place my empty dish in the sink and cleaned up. "Hey Niall, I need to tell you something."

"Yeah?" The water was still running but it helped me to drown out my over-thinking. "Damn!" he exclaimed suddenly,making me jump. He abruptly ran off

,causing the chair to scrape against the floor,making me cringe.

He came back within a minute,a goofish grin on his face, his hands behind his back.

He stood in front of me. "Guess what I have behind my back," he dared.

"A butter sock." Don't know why I said it, I just did.

A surprised look crossed his face. "No," he showed his hands,dangling a key in front of my eyes.

"It's a key!" he revealed,his cheeky grin back on his face. "To my home,so you can come back anytime you want. Just don't let anyone else in."

"I don't know what to say, I don't if I can take it."

The smile faded, his hand dropped."It's a spare key. I want you to have it," he insisted.

"It's not that." I struggled to tell him. 

"Then what is it? Some of your things are still here. I was thinking you could come over whenever you want to go through the stuff you left behind."

"I'm leaving."

"To go where?"

"Home. In America."

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