Demi's My Life (Demi Lovato fanfiction)

hii i know nobody will read this but i just wantto say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who does read it xxx thanks

its about a girl who after trying for so long gets to meet her idol, her star, her angel Demi Lovato xxx please could you read ma boyz to its a fanfic on One Direction thanks xxxxhi plz read my chance(Jaden Smith fanfic)


2. tickets to see Demi

my mum softly wakes me up saying "dont freak out but i got you two tickets to see.." then she paused for what felt like forever until i screamed "WHO MUM WHO!!!!???!???" then she carried on and said "DEMI LOVATO!!!!" and i just screamed for like ten mins then my mum stopped me and said "are you happy with my super suprise??? i just nodded i was completly speechless.i text Chloe and Josh just to tell them and to see if one of them wanted to go with me




H-heyyyyy guys you will NEVER guess whats just happened xxxx

J-Heyyyy whats happened u ok cxxxxxxxx <3

H-Yhhh im good i just found out i got tickets to go and see THE Demi Lovato aaaagggghhhh soooo happy like dying xxxxxxx

C-heyy omg im sooooo happy for you dead jel to xxxxxx and Josh do NOT send Hannah <3 because im the only one whos allowed to do that :p haha ly hannah xxxxx

H-heyy guys dont fight please i just wanted to say who wants to come with me jeeeessss xxxxxxx <3 <3

J-ok well ill come round if ya want ill be like 10 mins xxxxx

H-ok see ya then xxxxx<3

C-heyy ill be round in like 25/30 mins cuz im baby sittin AGAIN xxxxx luv yaa xxxxx

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