Demi's My Life (Demi Lovato fanfiction)

hii i know nobody will read this but i just wantto say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who does read it xxx thanks

its about a girl who after trying for so long gets to meet her idol, her star, her angel Demi Lovato xxx please could you read ma boyz to its a fanfic on One Direction thanks xxxxhi plz read my chance(Jaden Smith fanfic)


5. meet and greet

Demi wasnt there so i stood still starting to cry.then two warm gentle hand covered my eyes and i heard a soft kind voice ask me why i was crying so i turned around to see who it was Demi.i hugged her really tight and thanked her for being auch an amazingly strong rolemodel.thats when she said "hi thanks for being such an amazing lovatic and thanks for being there for me no matter what"her voice was so perfect i felt like i was dreaming."ohh and i bumped into your friend or boyfriend or whatever he is to you and he said your an amazing singer and that i should ask you to sing to will you sing for me please??" she asked exitedly."well..ermm..fine but im not very good at it tho"i said i decided to sing Believe In Me one of her songs.


i love this song its so perfect so proud of my bby gurl xxx thanks for reading xxx

in loosing myself

trying to compete

with everyone else

instead of just being me

dont know were to turn

iv been stuck in this routine

i need to change my ways

instead of always being weak

i dont wanna be afraid

i wanna wake up feeling

and know that im ok

cause everyones perfect in unusual ways

so you see,i just wanna believe in me

la la la la la la la la

the mirror can lie

doesnt show you whats inside

and it, it can tell you you're full of life

its amazing what you can hide

just by putting on a smile

i dont wanna be afraid

i wanna wakevup feeling

and know that im okay

cause everyones perfect in unusual ways

so you see, i just wanna believe in me

im quickly finding out

im not about to break down

not today

i guess i always knew

that i had all the strength the make it throught

not gonna be afraid

im going to wake up feeling

and know that im okay

cause everyones perfect in unusual ways

so you see,now,now i believe in me

now i believe in me

i stood there with tears in my eyes waiting for a reaction but she just stood there crying but then she just hugged me and clapped saying "wow that was really good i felt the emotion pour out of your heart into that im proud to call you a Lovatic because it means we are a team together we can do amazing things" i was so shocked i mean did THE Demi Lovato just say i was a good singer.

"ermm sorry but Demi we have to go bye lttle girl"this man said rudely.Demi asked for my number and we ended up talking dor about ten minuites till the guy said again"WHAT i told you to go and Demi we have to go NOW!!!!" we both hugged and said goodbye this could easily be the BEST day of my life by far.

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