Demi's My Life (Demi Lovato fanfiction)

hii i know nobody will read this but i just wantto say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who does read it xxx thanks

its about a girl who after trying for so long gets to meet her idol, her star, her angel Demi Lovato xxx please could you read ma boyz to its a fanfic on One Direction thanks xxxxhi plz read my chance(Jaden Smith fanfic)


1. introduction


hi im Hannah im 14 almost 15 in April. im not very good at this but please give me a chance xxx thanks 😝😝

its a friday morning and its 6:25 ad my alarms going off but i dont mind as its made in the usa by Demi Lovato.i hop out of bed and look at my massive collection of posters on my walls.i decided to take a shower and put on my beautiful white cute dress instead of my uniform as it was the last day of term so we had none uniform day yayy. i quickly ran down the stairs to put everythig into my bag before doing my make-up. as i left the house my mum shouted "Hannah you haven't had breakfast AGAIN!!" i NEVER eat breakfast EVER but i always have a kitkat at lunch.

*skip to school*

i get to school and my three best friends come running to me screaming "OMG you look so cute who you trying to inpress heyy??!" i just blushed looking down at both the lovely complement but most of all the fact that they "think" im trying to impress someone,even tho im not."omg chloe where did you get that top from you look stunning as per usual" i exlaimed"errmm...newlook i think"

*the bell rings*

"see yaa girls gonna miss ya" i shout to them as we walk our seperate ways."today is going to be sooo boring without seeing them.

*skip to the end of school*

as im walking out of school with the girls someone walks up and covers my eyes. i instantly knew who it was."heyy josh how are you??" i asked as i havent seen him in four weeks."heyy Hannah missed me much?? Chloe told me that you havent been yourself for a while and she says its cuz you miss me and my awesome hugs" he says laughing his head off.i instantly go BRIGHT red and ask to talk to Chloe in private."Chloe why did you tell him that stuff i told you thinking you wouldt tell anyone?!?!"i was almost shouting loud enough for everyone to hear."look i was just worried about you because its true you havent been yourself and your not eating propery AGAIN i mean i thought you were ok now i thought everything was back to normal" chloe chokes out between sobs."Chloe im sorry i didnt mean to make you upset i... i just couldnt keep it up i knew i would have to stop acting ok in front of you but i didnt think it would make you upset too"i was now crying my eyes out.Josh came up to me and just stood there hugging me and for the first time in a long time i felt safe and loved.

once i got home i text Josh just to say thanks.

J- Josh


H-Heyy i just wanted to say thanks again for being there for me erlier i really apreciated it xxx

J- heyy its ok and i know that everythings gonna be fine hunn xxxxxxx <3

H- thanks <3 xxxxx gonna miss ya in the holidaysxxx

i am now screaming inside he just called me hunn and he text me a heart omg he might like me i have to tell Chloe as she is the bestest bestest friend anyone could ever have.

after i text Chloe telling her EVERYTHING my mum shouted me down for dinner but i wasnt hungry i was to hyper to eat.

"mum im not hungry can i have it later PLEASE" i beg."fine but dont forget" my mum sternly said.

i ran upstairs and jumped on my bed and decided to listen to some music for a bit.i put on Demi Lovato's music like always as she is perfect.i slowly fall alseep dreaming about meeting Demi.

A/N i know its not very good at the moment im goig to update in a bit but its half past 12 xxxxx hope its ok.

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