Demi's My Life (Demi Lovato fanfiction)

hii i know nobody will read this but i just wantto say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who does read it xxx thanks

its about a girl who after trying for so long gets to meet her idol, her star, her angel Demi Lovato xxx please could you read ma boyz to its a fanfic on One Direction thanks xxxxhi plz read my chance(Jaden Smith fanfic)


4. concert

so it was the day of the concert and i couldnt wait so i went in the shower and got dressed.i heard a knock on my bedroom door and it was Chloe."heyy bbs you ok?"i ask a bit suprised that she had turned up at this time."yhh i just needed to ask is it a date or something??i really dont want you going out with Josh because..."she said starting to look worried"because of what your so annoying you liked him so leave me alone!!"i just shouted and shouted until she just left.

about an hour and a half later i had calmed down put my make-up on and was choosing what shoes to wear.

when i was ready i put some music on and started singing.i then heard someone start clapping and it was my mum and Josh."Josh heyy how long have you been waiting for??" i asked wearily."ohh long enough to know you have a beautiful voice and that you should go on the x factor" i just laughed and laughed.

about two hours later we said goodbye to my mum and we headed off to the concert."we have half an hour till doors open what you wanna do" i looked at Josh his face looked slightly annoyed but he just said "cool ermm im going to the toilet see yaa"

*skip to the concert*

Demi came on stage looking stunning as per usual and everyone started screaming and crying Josh just held my hand and said "everythings gonna be alright" i hugged him back and we watched Demi perform i ended up singing along.

*skip to meet and greet*

after the concert it is the meet and greet but there was a MASSIVE que and i started to panik"what if she doesnt like me? what if i dont get to meet her? what if..." josh cut me off and said "Hannah calm down shes going to love you and you will meet her and there is no questioning it."

Next please the girls infront of me went in i was shaking so bad i never thought id ever meet her and its crazy.when it was my turn i hugged Josh and said "heyy im gonna go in ill see you in a bit "i went in and.


heyy please keep reading sorry its short and not that great xxxxxx love yaa lots xxxx

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