Demi's My Life (Demi Lovato fanfiction)

hii i know nobody will read this but i just wantto say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who does read it xxx thanks

its about a girl who after trying for so long gets to meet her idol, her star, her angel Demi Lovato xxx please could you read ma boyz to its a fanfic on One Direction thanks xxxxhi plz read my chance(Jaden Smith fanfic)


3. almost time

*ding ding*

i hear the doorbell ring."heyy congrats to you babes cant believe your gonna meet Demi.let me see the tickets then and were your gonna be sittin or maybe we if you want ill go just to protect yaa yanoo..." Josh said starting to trail off incase i didnt want to take him but of course i would love to take him but i wouldnt be watching Demi all the time id be looking at him to me telling to change into i went into my bathroom and changed into it and tbh it was dead cute so i went and showed him "what do you think??" he just stared at me "take a picture it lasts longer" i said cracking up he just walked up to me and whispered in my ear "you look stunning babes"

*ding ding*

the doorbell went off but we both just stood there gazing into each others eyes till *bang* my bedroom door was burst open my Chloe she ran up to me screamig "NOOO...!" i shook my head quickly "whats up Chlo??" i asked a bit confused"you two i saw that you you you were gonna kiss!!!" she screamed and shouted"HAHAHAHAHA" both me and Josh laughed for an hour just at the thought of us kissing

A/N will they fall for each other at the concert or will chloe get in the way? will Demi like Hannah? find iut in my next chapter

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