Paris with Bieber.

The names Tess. Tess Valentine. I am currently on holiday with my family. Us Valentines like a bit of French toast and a bit of sight seeing. Paris is my weakness. Studying the cute boys, admiring the sights and spending time with myself. But I am disturbed!



2. Tinted Smile.

He turned around. 'Hi, I'm Tess' I said. He replied 'Justin, you alright?'. I couldn't help my stare into his big brown lush eyes. It was silent for about 5 seconds. 'Oh yes, you?' I said. He then said 'yeah shawty'. I smiled. A big smile. Imagine yourself smiling, 1000x bigger:'). He moves hair away from my face and started to gaze into my eyes. 'Okay this is so perfect' I was thinking to myself. As a black car pulled up Justin ran off. He looked at me through his tinted back windows and smiled.

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