Paris with Bieber.

The names Tess. Tess Valentine. I am currently on holiday with my family. Us Valentines like a bit of French toast and a bit of sight seeing. Paris is my weakness. Studying the cute boys, admiring the sights and spending time with myself. But I am disturbed!



4. Netflix.

"One less lonely girl, in coming for you!" He repeats and then gets a an applause. I say to my father 'he's terrific!' My father said 'he's crap! Complete shit. What a idiot' and takes a seat stuffing his face with bake well tart. I start to think.

We left the room early, mother was bored and Grace was tired. Father was drunk 'no surprise' I thought to myself.

The next way came upon us. I enter the park to see Justin. He spots me and comes dashing over. 'Darling, you was amazing last night' I said. He said 'thank you baby, you looked so beautiful'. I blushed.

Come back to my place. We can watch a movie on Netflix. I took the offer and off we went.

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