Paris with Bieber.

The names Tess. Tess Valentine. I am currently on holiday with my family. Us Valentines like a bit of French toast and a bit of sight seeing. Paris is my weakness. Studying the cute boys, admiring the sights and spending time with myself. But I am disturbed!



1. In the Moment.

Well hello. I'm a regular girl. Obsessing over celebrities and admiring the football league. The names Tess. Tess Valentine. I traveled to Paris with my family. My mother, my father, my brother William and my baby sister Grace. We come here every year for my parents anniversary.

That very day I decided to go to the local park just around the corner from our apartment. I took the newspaper and hurried into the sunshine. As I came to the park I become disturbed. I saw a boy, no taller than 6ft, walking. He wore black jeans with a white shirt and a gold chain. He looked at me. I looked at him. He looked so hot. Beautiful intact. Ahh, my heart was beating faster than you could ever imagine. 'Fuck me, he's sexy' I said to myself. As I sat down he walked past me. As he turned away I quickly scattered across the grass in my white laces heels. I came up behind him and tapped his shoulder.

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