Paris with Bieber.

The names Tess. Tess Valentine. I am currently on holiday with my family. Us Valentines like a bit of French toast and a bit of sight seeing. Paris is my weakness. Studying the cute boys, admiring the sights and spending time with myself. But I am disturbed!



3. Eye Contact.

I returned to the apartment with a bit of a thrown. My mother walks into the room I was currently standing in. She then asks me what's wrong. I just stand there. A year hurrying to escape from my eye but I controlled it. She left the room with a huff. I stare outside the window.

It was supper time. I wore my pink laced dress with a cream coloured hat and flats. We go downstairs to the supper lounge. Tables set and entertainment on the way! Father was worried about me. I aid 'don't worry about me dad, I'm fine'. My sister gave me a hug. I could feel her heart beating on my knees. She would get into we high chair and I would sit beside her. The dinner came!

After dinner left the entertainment. The host enters the stage and announces the guest that's performing. He shouts 'ladies and gentlemans, I give you Justin Bieber! As he said the name, I paused. I turn around to see my Justin. He hasn't noticed me yet but he's looking around the room. He stops in centre. I was in centre. He smiles and sits on his chair. He introduces hisself and the son he was going to perform. He said its for someone special, he looked at me and then starts to sing.

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