Paris with Bieber.

The names Tess. Tess Valentine. I am currently on holiday with my family. Us Valentines like a bit of French toast and a bit of sight seeing. Paris is my weakness. Studying the cute boys, admiring the sights and spending time with myself. But I am disturbed!



5. Carried Away.

'You hungry Tess?' He asked me. I replied 'no Justin I'm okay'. He grabbed a drink and came and sat down next to me. As I went to get my phone he held my hand. He said I was the most beautifulest girl he's ever seen. I gaze into his eyes. He bites his lip which is such a turn on. He moves towards me! I panic and freeze for a mini second and then all of a sudden our lips met. It was wonderful. He attacked my tongue. It was like a million petals soothing my skin. He grabs my boob. A little surprised but I guess it's fine. Then he rubs my waist. Which felt nice.

Justin knew how to make a girl feel special. He took off his shirt and unbuttoned my denim shirt. He kisses he again. So sexy!!!!

He unbuttoned the top button on my jeans. Then he swivelled his pants down to his knees. I noticed what he was doing but he was doing it so amazingly I wanted him to carry on. He touched me. He slowly inserted his private part into mine. We made love. For about 15 minutes. After that I started to cry. Justin cuddles me and says 'what's wrong'. I say 'nothing baby, that was just my first time'. He replies with 'dont worry, everything's gonna be alright'.

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