The life of Larry Stylinson

The life of Larry Stylinson
Harry and I are secretly together, this is a story about our life,


1. Hi there,

Harry's POV

Hi, I am Harry. I am currently 19 years old and I live in London. I live with my best mates ; Niall, Zayn, Liam and my sunshine Louis.

Louis and I are a couple, but no one knows because management is bossing around. We have to act normal in public, I hate it. The fans already think we're in a relationship but we have to decline it every time. I just want everybody to know that I love Lou, and I always have, and always will.

But of course I can't confess my love for Louis in public.

Enough about me.

Louis' POV

Well as you may know, I am Louis Tomlinson. I am 22 Years old and I am in a band called 'One Direction'.

Since I was a toddler I knew something was wrong with me. Everyone taught me that liking a boy was bad. So I always thought I was a bad kid. I came out of the closet when I was about 14, and I have regretted it since.

When I was 19 I signed up for X-Factor. The best decision I've ever made. We became worlds biggest boy band in less than three years. We all love the life we're living but Harry and I can't live in peace if Management keeps telling us what we can and can't do in public.

I am telling you now. That is gonna change.

Welcome to our life as Larry Stylinson


(A/N) soo whatcha think. Should I delete it or do you want this story?

Ciao ~Nikki

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