Niall's Daughter ( sequal to Justin's sister)

Nicole Horan and Niall Horan's life is great now that they have a wonderful family. Destiny Dominique Horan and Arianna Dominique Horan are the daughters of Niall and Nicole they are 15 yrs old and they are very protective of their family. they would do any thing for them but what happens when their uncle Justin's best friends Zayn and Liam's sons Derek and Chris start going to the same school uh oh the girls have crushes what will everyone say when they start dating ?


9. telling mom and dad

Destiny's pov- Arianna and I have to tell our parents about Chris and Derek but what will they say I know they won't mind I mean yea I'm so nervous about this well here goes

Arianna and I walked downstairs holding pictures of Derek and Chris in ours hands. we walked into the living room and sat down on the couch with our heads down. mom and dad walked into the living room and sat down on the couch dad said,'' girls what's wrong" as he looked at his daughters. I said,'' mom dad you know the two boys at our school'' as I looked at the picture of Chris in my hand. mom said,'' yes Derek Mariah's son and Chris Demi's son what about them sweetie'' as she looked at me. I said,'' well we are staring in Cinderella for drama class and Arianna is playing Cinderella, I'm  playing Anastasia , Chris is playing the king, Derek is playing prince Charming, Stephanie is playing Drizella, Michelle is playing Fairly Godmother, and Katelyn is playing the Narrator'' as I looked at the picture of Chris. Mom said,'' oh my that's great girls wait Arianna honey isn't Cinderella supposed to kiss the prince'' as she looked at her daughter. Arianna said,'' yes now do you see why I auditioned for Cinderella'' as I looked at my mom. mom said,'' yea you like Derek and your sister likes Chris" as she got up from the couch and hugged me. Destiny said,'' so can we date them please'' as she looked at her parents. Niall said,'' of course princess'' as he hugged his daughter. Arianna said,'' oh thank you dad" as she hugged her dad. the girls ran upstairs to their room and   Arianna dialed Derek's number. she  waited for him to answer.

(Phone Conversion D= Derek, C= Chris, A= Arianna, DE= Destiny, M= Michelle, S= Stephanie, K= Katelyn)

D: hello

A: hey great news

D: did you tell your parents

A: yep

D: what did they say ?

A: they said yes

D: mine too, so what are you doing ?

A: nothing you know we have to practice for the play tomorrow

D: yea so you want me to call everyone to practice at your house

A: yea

D: quick question

A: sure what

D: are we boyfriend and girlfriend now

A: yea

D: ok I'll see you soon Juliet  love you

A: ok Romeo love you too bye

D: bye

(End of Phone Conversation) Destiny said,'' ok your smiling what happened ?'' as I looked at my sister. I said,'' you know how Derek told you he had a crush on me" as I looked at my phone. Destiny said,'' yea'' as she looked at me. I said,'' well what if I told you he asked me to be his girlfriend'' as I smiled. Destiny looked at me with a surprise look on her face I said,'' he's bringing Katelyn and the others so we can practice" as I sat on my bed. The door bell rung Destiny and I ran downstairs dad opened the door there  stood our friends Stephanie and Michelle along with our cousin Katelyn, Chris, and my boyfriend Derek. they walked in Destiny and I said,'' hey guys'' as we hugged them. I walked over to Derek and put my hands around his neck. Derek said,'' hey my Juliet" as he put his hands around my waist. I said,'' hey my Romeo'' as I kissed him. dad said,'' ok kids go up to the girls room and I'll bring you guys some snacks while you practice" as he walked to the kitchen. we all ran upstairs to me and Destiny's room we took out our scripts and started practicing. We practiced until night the girls went home and the boys stayed Chris said," hey Destiny I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend" as he looked at Destiny. Destiny screamed," OMG I THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER ASK" as she jumped into his arms. Chris said," so is that a yes" as he held her up. Destiny said,"yes" as she kissed him. now we all were happy.


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