Niall's Daughter ( sequal to Justin's sister)

Nicole Horan and Niall Horan's life is great now that they have a wonderful family. Destiny Dominique Horan and Arianna Dominique Horan are the daughters of Niall and Nicole they are 15 yrs old and they are very protective of their family. they would do any thing for them but what happens when their uncle Justin's best friends Zayn and Liam's sons Derek and Chris start going to the same school uh oh the girls have crushes what will everyone say when they start dating ?


8. Secrets uh oh

Derek's Pov- me and Chris walked into school and walked over to our lockers( which are next to the girls lockers this is the locker order Arianna, Destiny, Michelle, Katelyn, Stephine, Chris, and Derek)  I opened my locker seeing a picture of Arianna wearing a purple dress at the school dance she's so hot I want her to be mine I kissed the picture and grabbed my dance clothes for dance before shutting my locker.

Chris and I saw the girls and walked over to them I said," hey girls you ready for dance class in Mrs. Fran's class" as I smiled at Arianna. Arianna said," yea ?" as she smiled back. I said," me too can't wait to break down "  as I started walking with them. Destiny asked," why ?" as she looked at me. I stopped walking and pulled Destiny aside. I yelled," I'LL CATCH UP WITH YOU GUYS" as I looked at them. Chris yelled," ALRIGHT DON'T BE LATE" as he kept walking with the others. I looked at Destiny and said," can you keep a secret" as I looked  at her. Destiny said," yes" as she waited for me to speak. I said,"ok I have a crush on your sister don't tell her please" as I walked to my locker. Destiny said," wait since when" as she followed behind me. I said,"when you and her became friends with me" as I opened my locker again. Destiny said," I don't believe you" as she looked at me. I said,"ok I'll prove it " as I opened my locker wide. Destiny 's eyes got wider she said," wow where did you get that picture ?" as she saw the picture of her sister. Derek said," remember when my parents and your parents were taking pictures of us when we were at the dance last year" as I looked at her. Destiny said,"yea my mom gave me a picture of Chris" as she  looked on her binder. I said," yea exactly" as I closed my locker. Destiny said,"ok let's get to class" as she walked to class. I followed behind her to Mrs.Fran's class we walked in and sat at our desks. Mrs.Fran said,"good morning class let's get started on the Auditions Cinderella your up" as she picked up her script from her desk. Arianna walked up to the font of the class room Arianna said," oh I wish to go to Prince Charming's ball tonight instead of cleaning up this house" as she looked sad. Mrs. Fran said," awesome job Arianna"  as she wrote yes or no to weather Arianna got the part. Arianna smiled and walked back to her seat.  Mrs Fran said," next is Hanna Cinderella's younger step sister" as she looked at Destiny. Destiny got up and walked to the front of the class room Destiny said," oh Cinderella I'm sorry but you are the maid so you can't go and besides the prince wouldn't like you" as she laughed at Cinderella. Mrs. Fran said," wow Destiny great job" as she looked at her paper and wrote yes or no. The bell rung and  Arianna, Destiny, Stephanie, Michelle, Katelyn, Chris, and Derek left the room. (Skip to end of the day) they all walked home and went to bed.

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