Niall's Daughter ( sequal to Justin's sister)

Nicole Horan and Niall Horan's life is great now that they have a wonderful family. Destiny Dominique Horan and Arianna Dominique Horan are the daughters of Niall and Nicole they are 15 yrs old and they are very protective of their family. they would do any thing for them but what happens when their uncle Justin's best friends Zayn and Liam's sons Derek and Chris start going to the same school uh oh the girls have crushes what will everyone say when they start dating ?


3. Katelyn Sage Bieber( Justin and Carly's Daugter)

Hi I'm Katelyn my parents are Justin and Carly Bieber my birthday is March 1st yea me and my dad have the same birthday. My cousins are Destiny, Demetrius,and Arianna my best friends are, Michelle Styles, Stephanie Tomlinson, Chris Payne, and Derek Malik. Well that's all see ya

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