Safe & Sound

Niall and Rosalind are best friends. Thing is Rosalind only 14 where Niall is 20. But there is more to the story then that Rosalind is pregnant with Nialls arch enemy Josh Devine the leader of the black demons gang. Niall is the leader of the of the dark fate gang what all happens in this fascinating tale? Read to find out!
(Sorry if its bad its my first movella)


1. what's happening?!?!

Nialls POV

"Rose, Hun where are you?!" I swear if Josh pulled another one of his stunts I will kill him with my bare hands! Where could she be could he have gotten her?!? *ring* *ring* "hey Lou have you seen Rosalind" "no mate you don't think josh would have her do you?" "I don't know mate he better not of" "well I call if I see anything Ni" "ok bye Lou" "bye"

Rosalind's POV

"Let go of me you filthy beast Stop please!" He's going to rape me I know it, but why me why!!?

Hey my beautiful unicorns I'm Grace and this is my first movella hope you like it! :)

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