Tears, Roses, and Desparation

FINISHED: Harry and Hermoine are devastated. Those closest to them have died after Voldemort's attack on Hogwarts. But hopes of moving on bring them closer together.


13. You Want Us To Take A Honeymoon?

Harry's POV


Molly walked up to us and smiled.  I could not believe this was happening.  I was married to Hermione.  Ron would've killed me if he could.  I sighed and squeezed Hermione's hand.  She smiled at me.

"Where are you going for your honeymoon?" Molly asked

"Our honeymoon, we aren't planning on having a honeymoon." Hermione raised an eyebrow

"What do you mean?" Molly asked, "You have to take a honeymoon."

"No, we don't need to." I shook my head

"You aren't completely finished here.  You only took care of one half of that law." Molly said

"What is the other half?" I scrunched up my forehead

"Two children, in two years." Molly reminded us

"Oh," Hermione put a hand to her mouth

"You forgot didn't you," Molly chuckled, "I wish you didn't have to go through this."

"Yes, we definitely forgot." I nodded

"That's okay, you just need to figure out where you are going." Molly smiled, "Hope for a lot of romance."

"Yeah..." Hermione and I coughed


Hermione's POV


Molly handed us an atlas.  I tooked it and smiled.  I flipped through until I found a world map.

"Just point you two, just point." Molly nodded

We smiled at each other and both of us pointed at Egypt.  I figured Harry wanted to go there for the same reason that I did.  To see where Ron and Ginny had gone.  Harry nodded at me, he knew what I was thinking.

"Egypt, huh?" Molly nodded at us and smiled, "Makes sense."

So we were going to Egypt.  Since we hadn't already planned this we had to wait a little while to prepare ourselves for our journey ahead.  We had to pack, we had to save, we had to figure out  what we were going to do there.  I told Harry that when we got back we would have to get jobs so that we could earn money to care for ourselves afterwards.  He agreed and I created a list of what we needed and what we could do there.

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