Tears, Roses, and Desparation

FINISHED: Harry and Hermoine are devastated. Those closest to them have died after Voldemort's attack on Hogwarts. But hopes of moving on bring them closer together.


15. Settling Back Down

Harry's POV


"Here you go, Harry." Arthur said handing me a box, "I believe that's the last of it."

"Good," I smiled looking around at our new home

Hermione and I had returned from Egypt soon after our conversation.  We decided to move closer to our friends so that our child would be well taken care of.  We also knew that our house did not have a room for an infant.

"Would you like help unpacking?" Neville asked

"Sure," Hermione smiled, "That would be wonderful.  I will go help the ladies in the kitchen."

She left and Neville smiled.  He turned to me.
"Things between you two seem better than you thought they'd be." He laughed

"Much better," Seamus laughed

"You do what you have to do with the law these days." I sighed at their joking


Hermione's POV


"Sure," I smiled, "That would be wonderful.  I will go help the ladies in the kitchen." 

I turned and left.  Molly, Fleur, Angelina, Katie, Luna, Alicia, and Padma were cooking for the men.  I went into the kitchen and was shooed out to sit on the couch.  Molly wagged her finger at me.

"Can I at least have some company, and maybe some tea?" I chuckled

"Yes," Molly called back to me

"Here," Luna came in to sit beside me

"Thank you, Luna.  How are you doing?" I asked propping my feet up

"Okay," She smiled, "Neville and I are getting along."

"How are the twins?" I laughed remembering the two little Lunas

"Lorcan and Lysander are doing wonderful." Luna patted my leg, "Motherhood is very satisfying, especially when your children baffle their father."

"They baffled Neville?" I raised an eyebrow

"Oh, yes.  They escaped their cribs and crawled all the way to our bedroom." Luna chuckled

"They are very talented," I laughed imagining Neville's astonishment at his children's skill

"They are indeed." Luna sighed

"Where are they?" I asked

"With their grandfather." Luna said

"Ah, and how is he?" I asked

"He is okay, the ministry hasn't said anything to him yet.  I guess they figure he's too old to produce anymore children." Luna laughed

"I'm not surprised." I sighed

"What is it, Hermione?" Luna asked

"I don't know, it's probably just the baby." I smiled weakly

"How far along are you now?" Luna asked

"Three months," I replied

"Just enough to show," She smiled and patted my stomach

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