Tears, Roses, and Desparation

FINISHED: Harry and Hermoine are devastated. Those closest to them have died after Voldemort's attack on Hogwarts. But hopes of moving on bring them closer together.


11. Right Before It Happens

Hermione's POV


"Where is everyone?" I started pacing with Molly

"Calm down," Alicia smiled and stopped us both, "Everything will be fine, you know that."

"Alicia is right you know," Luna agreed

"True," Molly sighed

"Yes, but it's not everyday you get married." I pinched the bridge of my nose, "This is so frustrating."

"Hermione, let us take care of this." Alicia put her hands on my shoulders, "Besides, you need to get dressed."

"Come, yes." Molly nodded

She led me to a room cut off from all the others followed by Alicia and Luna.  They dressed me, did my hair, and handed me my flowers before getting dressed themselves.  I sat down and sighed waiting for them to finish.  Luna smiled at me when she was ready and took my hand.

"I know this is hard for you, these days things like this are happening to everyone.  I never thought that I would be marrying Neville soon after he admitted his feelings, but you do what you have to when the Ministry is corrupt." Luna helped me up


Harry's POV


I could not believe this, I was marrying my best friend's girl.  It was so crazy.  Then again, she was marrying her friend's guy.  I sighed frustrated and ran my fingers through my hair.

"Don't do that," George laughed at me trying to fix my hair

"Come on, Harry.  We all know this is difficult for the both of you, heck it's stuff like this that's getting to all of us.  I am going to marry Luna." Neville patted my back

"You love Luna," I pointed out

"You don't love Hermione?" He asked

"Yes," I admitted, "Not in the same way though."

"You still love her," Neville smiled, "You'll figure it out together, you always do."

"Without Ron?" I asked

"We all know you can't do it without Ron, but you aren't without him.  He's right here," Seamus pointed to my heart

"You've changed, Seamus." I laughed

"I've got Katie," He pointed out

"Exactly what I mean," I laughed even harder

"She's a year older than you," George joined in

"Hey," Seamus jokingly glared at our teasing

"We can't help it." George said

"We need to head in," Neville said

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