Tears, Roses, and Desparation

FINISHED: Harry and Hermoine are devastated. Those closest to them have died after Voldemort's attack on Hogwarts. But hopes of moving on bring them closer together.


14. Egypt

Harry's POV


We had finally left around the end of August and Hermione had learned of the schools here in Egypt and had accepted a teaching position.  So I was stuck to wander Egypt on my own. Which led to Hermione and I deciding that we needed another way to contact one another more efficiently than owls, so I had a cell phone.

That very cell phone went off as I was walking down a street looking at the wares of street vendors.  I pulled out the phone and saw that I had a text from Hermione.  I opened the text and read it.

Meet me at the apartment in a few minutes I have news

I walked back to the apartment, I knew I shouldn't be getting excited.  Hermione had news that had nothing to do with me sometimes and just wanted to tell me.  So I  walked calmly back to where we were staying and waited for Hermione to arrive.


Hermione's POV


I was so excited, yet at the same time I was very nervous.  Harry might not be as ecstatic as I was, he had been receiving news from me for a while that had nothing to do with him.  But this definitely did.  I hurried back to the apartment.

When I got there Harry was waiting for me.  He seemed calm.  I entered the apartment and smiled at him widely.  He raised an eyebrow.

"Harry, we have one out of two.  One out of two." I grinned still

"What do you mean?" Harry asked puzzled

"I, Harry, I am pregnant." I squealed completely overjoyed

"What?" Harry's eyes widened

"I am pregnant." I said yet again

"I can't believe this, we've only been married for about four months and you're pregnant?" Harry paled

"We are doing this for the law, Harry, remember that.  You don't have to feel bad." I said

He nodded

"How far along are you?" He coughed

"Only two weeks," I smiled, "Just barely enough for my wand to read." 

I knew this would change a lot for the both of us.

"We don't have to stay here," I offered, "We can go back home."

"Your job." Harry choked out

"I can tell them that I have to go, they'll understand." I smiled and pat him on the back

"Let's go home then." He said and I nodded

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