Im a Syles now ..

I can't believe its happening ... I'm getting adopted.

I'm Aurora Smitley and I've been in this stupid orphanage 'Rainbow sunshine' for like 5 years . I came in here when I was 11, so yea 5 years.


1. Rainbow Sunshine

"I don't know what your talking about.." Brittany said with a guilty look in her eyes. She obviously read through my diary, the least she could do was admit it. Ok and I know what your thinking, why does this 16 year old have a diary. Well, I don't have a phone or anything so I write my personal stuff in my diary.

"Admit it, I'm not stupid unlike you. You read my diary!!" I should've saw it coming. Right then and there she slapped me across the face. Brittany started walking away but then stopped "Oh, and I hope you know their adopting kids from our age group right now downstairs.." She walked out of the room.

What! Their adopting and no one told me! How could they! I rushed to my closet and found something cute to wear. I settled on a pair of black denim shorts and a t-shirt that said 'cool story bro, now go make me a sandwich'. I walked to the bathroom and put on eyeliner, mascara, and a nude colored eyeshadow. I ran down the stairs almost tripping myself in the process. I saw all the kids around my age down there. I walked up to Cristi, the orphanage owner, "How come no one told me about the adoptions today??" She just looked at me confused, "Brittany was supposed to tell you, did she not?" "Not one peep." That made soo much more sense. No wonder I never heard anything about it.

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