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Emma and Jenna are twins and are just alike, with their dark black hair and blue eyes you couldn't tell them apart. Besides their personalities Jenna is shy and sweet while Emma was fun and eccentric, they're inseparable and love each other more than anything. But one night Jenna watches as her sister runs away, and Jenna can't do anything to stop her. Jenna blames herself.
It's been three years since Emma's runaway and Jenna is still searching the world for her other half, though her parents and cops have lost hope Jenna won't give up. But one night she gets exactly what she wants, she finds her sister. She finds Emma on the side of a dark alley but not the way Jenna would expect. Now with her sister back in her life Jenna promises to help get Emma back on track, but Emma is so far gone Jenna knows she's not the same sister she used to be.
Maybe with Jenna's love and friendship Emma can get her life back.


12. Scared little school girl

It's been five days since Emma came home and to say things have gotten much worse, well I'd laugh because it really was. Dad had been gone longer than he usually is coming home every other day, mum is starting to have withdraw from not having any liquor, the awkwardness in the house was starting to suffocate me. I could tell even Emma knew things were getting worse, but she tried to not let on.

The only good things that had happened was my time spent with Emery and Cory's happiness. Emery is so full of life and you could tell she was Emma's daughter, she was always giggling, exploring the house, and playing games with Cory. She liked playing hide and seek the most, since the house was huge she still could find a lot a places to hide. Even at only two years old Emery was really smart, she knew how to change the channels on the TV and which channels had her favorite shows on them. Her senses were very heightened she knew when things were disgusting or bad, like when my mother comes staggering into the kitchen. The minute my mum comes into sight, Emery bolts out of the room.

Cory is happier than he's been in the past few years, every morning he wakes up he rushes to our room to make sure Emma's still here. And every time he sees her sitting on her bed smiling or still softly snoring, he smiles happiness washing over him.

I can admit that I'm happy Emma's home and that things will get better but I just feel as if nothing has turned out the way I thought it would. Even though me and her have gotten closer she is still distant, and to make things worse we're going to be ripped apart today.

We're going back to school.

Here I lay in my bed, hair sprawled out all over my pillow, the warm May air breezing over my skin, I felt at ease and yet my world seemed to still be broken. The room was quiet, Emma's softs were low, Tony's chest rose and fell slowly, and Emery sucked her binky every five seconds. This should make me feel happy, having Emma's low snores lulling me to sleep every night. Maybe it's the thought of going to school and me and Emma both being ridiculed and criticized by every judgmental person in that building.

The thought of someone hurting Emma over a choice she had to make made me want to throw up but I sat in my bed and grabbed my small star pillow. Pulling my arm back I chucked it at Emma's head, Direct hit!

Her head lifted up in one second and her death glare landed on me, "Wanna explain why you chucked something at my head!?"

 "Get up....we have school."

Her eyes slowly closed and her head dropped to her pillow and she groaned, "Do I have to?"

 "Yes you don't have a choice me and Zack sat through two very long hours with the principal explaining your situation and working everything out, you're going."

 "Urgh fine." She pulled herself from the bed and walked to her dresser, "Hey why don't we do a twin day look exactly alike."

 "Yeah that sounds great since it's your day let's wear blue." I smiled and pulled out my over the shoulder dark blue shirt and black shorts, Emma took out a black crop top, a dark blue tang top, and black capris. We put on the same amount of eyeliner, mascara, and Emma let me use her French vanilla pink lip gloss which tastes awesome. It took us twenty minutes to get dressed and I put on my blue converse and Emma put on her blue flats, we smiled at each other then I gasped.

 "Our hair!!"

Her eyes widened and she gripped her curls, "Don't worry I'll straighten my hair."

 "No no no Jenna you're wearing Emma's hair today." Zack said as he climbed through the window, "Break out the curling iron."

 "But I don't do curls."

Emma smiled, "But I do."

She forced me down and turned on her curler and took her time curling my hair, Zack went to make sure Cory was ready and Tony began to wake up.

 "It's about time we're about to leave, you have to get up Emery will be up soon." Emma giggled as she turned off her curler, "Oh yea and Jenna I'm done."

I leaped up and looked into the mirror, it looked like I was looking at Emma it really did. She smiled at my expression and hugged me before rushing over to Tony and gripping him, he laughed and she kissed him.

 "Oh I wish you could come with me."

 "You know I can't I have to take care of our munchkin." He said kissing her back.

Zack popped back into the room, "Hey Emma..wait Jen..Em...god this is really hard, Cory is ready to go and we have to be at school in about twenty minutes so let's go."

I grabbed my bag and Emma did the same, all of us followed Zack to his truck and pilled in me and Zack up front while Emma and Cory took the back seat. Tony came up to Emma as she smiled and kissed him.

 "I wish you could come with me."

 "I do too but I'll be right here when you get back." He kissed her deeply one last time and I watched as lovingly she kissed him back. They loved each other just by seeing the way they looked at each other anyone could see that, Someday I'll have that.

They pulled away and he kissed her forehead one last time before Zack pulled away, I watched as they waved each other goodbye and he disappeared. She sat back in her seat a grin plastered on her face, her eyes were sparkling, and a small blush formed on her cheeks.

 "Jenna" I froze, "one day you'll have it, that one person who treats you like royalty, you'll meet that special someone one day."

With a nod I spun back around and saw a light blush on Zack's cheeks, “What's wrong with you?"

He looked at me startled, “Oh nothing."

Emma giggled while I just say in my seat confused, once we dropped Cory off it took Lee then give minutes to get to our school. But from my spot in the front I could hear Emma's soap intakes of breath, Zack stopped the car and we both spun around and looked at her.


 “I can't believe I'm back here" the way she looked out over the parking lot told me she wasn't taking to us, “I promise myself if never force myself to go back to high school, and yet here I am. Oh all places I'm back to the place it all began, where I met Tony, where we had our first day of high school, where my best friend started reading my sister like she was trash."

I paused, “How did you know about that?"


 “I was going to tell you about that."

Hey eyes finally meet mine, “When Jenna? When I saw my old best friend test my sister as if our were your fault I left? I'm glad I have Breanna and Penelope, they showed me what real friends are. Robin isn't one, and I'm going to set her straight today."

 “Emma you don't have to."

 No I said I was coming back to fix everything and this counts as something that needs to be fixed." Hey vice was firm making me smile, “More coffee on we have school."

 “Wait!" Zack screamed and reached in his glove compartment pulling pout the pair's of sunglasses, “Diguises anyone?"

We nodded and put on the glasses and I smiled at Emma, “Ready?"

 “Yeah." We climbed pout and she linked her arm in mine, Zack stood behind us as if on guard. We spent began to walk, in an instant everyone's eyes were on us and some people took double takes.

 “Is that Zack?"

 “Who are the babes with him?"

 “Is that Jenna?"

 “The Dexter twin?"

 “No way."

The stares didn't gaze but Emma gripped my hand every few seconds, the squeezes reminded me that this was really and this was really happening. The front door opened as people held them for us, we walked through and down the hall. Being my new cheeks and sunglasses I felt as if I were shielded but everyone still knew who we were, but the God part was no one would tell us apart.

 “Guys!" Shouted Andi and we hugged her, “About time you got here I was afraid you wouldn't come."

 “Well we're here now."

 “I can see that, come on I cleaned off your lockers." She nodded to our lockers but I looked at Zack.

 “Take Emma to the office to get her papers make sure no one notices her, just met us at our lockers." I told him and he noted leading Emma out of my reach and away, digging me and Andi walked back my pocket and she leaned against Emma's locker as I opened mine.

 “J heads up Robin and the bee-yaches coming our way."

I grabbed my English binder when I heard someone clear their voice, “Dexter we need to talk."

I snickered at her nasaly sounding voice, “I'm sorry Robin but what do you possibly want?"

 “You know what I want Dexter, you are going to apologize for what you did."

Closing my locker I spun on my heel and saw her face, the color of her nose was reddish purple causing me to laugh. Andi started to snicker, “Robin if you want an apology you're not going to get one."

 “You better apologize or else." She growled.

Before I could answer a voice yelled, “Or else what?"

Everyone in the hall turned to gaze at Zack and Emma, they started walking to us but she stopped in front of Robin. The girl was in complete shock she couldn't speak so Emma did, “I'm sorry Robin but you're harassing my sister."


Emma laughed, “No I'm Jenna."

 “I'm Emma." I smiled and Robin took a sharp intake of breath, “Wait I think I'm Jenna."

 “Then I must be Emma, or am I?"

We all looked at Robin as she looked in between us in complete shock, hissing she ran down the hall her clones right behind her. I smiled at Emma and she grabbed my hand, together we all walked to class ignoring the stares and whispers.

 “I think this may be a good day Jenna." She whispered into my ear, I smiled back at her and hugged her tighter.



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