Remember me?

Emma and Jenna are twins and are just alike, with their dark black hair and blue eyes you couldn't tell them apart. Besides their personalities Jenna is shy and sweet while Emma was fun and eccentric, they're inseparable and love each other more than anything. But one night Jenna watches as her sister runs away, and Jenna can't do anything to stop her. Jenna blames herself.
It's been three years since Emma's runaway and Jenna is still searching the world for her other half, though her parents and cops have lost hope Jenna won't give up. But one night she gets exactly what she wants, she finds her sister. She finds Emma on the side of a dark alley but not the way Jenna would expect. Now with her sister back in her life Jenna promises to help get Emma back on track, but Emma is so far gone Jenna knows she's not the same sister she used to be.
Maybe with Jenna's love and friendship Emma can get her life back.


15. Graduation

The warm June she blew my hair across my face as a smile edged at the corner of my lips. Today was perfect, the stage had been set for a week, the shiny white chairs set in rows of fifty, and the podium in the center of the stage just for the principal to get the center of attention. A laugh escaped my lips as the thought of all the strength I would get over I got to center stage, the thought was funny yet scary.

was scared, but why?

“Where's my valedictorian!?" Principal Richards yelled and I raised my hand.

“Here." Yup i was valedictorian, he rushed to my side and lifted me from my seat near the open window looking me up and down.

“Now Ms. Dexter are you ready?"

It's amazing how I was elected valedictorian I thought it was a joke, but surprisingly here I am getting ready to go infringe of hundreds of parents to give the last speech and speak for the class of 2014.

“Yes Mr. Richards I'm ready."

He smiled and clapped his hands, "Good we'll be starting in a few minutes."

With that he walked away and Emma came to my side, "I can't believe we're actually graduating, I always thought my diploma would come in the mail in a small envelope but this is just the real thing."

 "I'm glad we'll be experiencing it together." I smiled and hugged her tight, our gowns flowed at our sides from the wind starting to pick up from the window and heard a whistle.

 "Now this is what I call double trouble two cute girls right before my eyes."

With a grin on his face Zack wrapped his arms around our shoulders and squeezed our small forms into his bulky one, "Zack let go."

He smiled down at me letting Emma go and planting his lips on mine and kissing me with so much sweetness I giggled when we pulled back, "What was that for?"

 “Good luck I can tell you're nervous."

 “Thank you you're just the best."

 “Isn't that what your boyfriend is supposed to be like." He kissed me again and I laughed, ever since the prom me and Zack have finally made it official. He asked me out the minute we got back to my house and of course my first word was yes, Emma screamed and went all girly as I told her but I found it calming.

One of the teachers clapped her hands, “Alright my little graduates it's time, everyone line up."

 “I'll be watching you." With one last kiss Zack walked to his spot as Emma came back to my side.


I need, “Yeah."

The teachers led us out of the building and onto the football field, all the family members and loved ones filled the chairs in front of the stage. They all clapped and flags from almost a hundred cameras flashed binding me for a second, we all climbed up the stairs to the stage and took our assigned seats side me and Emma were twins we were seated right next to each other but she was before me. I spotted Cory, Tony, and mum with Emery in the crowd and smiled as they waved, Emery bounced in my mum's lap and Emma giggled.

The principal mounted the podium and hushed the crowd, “Welcome friends family to our graduation ceremony for the class of 2014" everyone called as I grunted Emma's hand, “Okay if you'll ask be so kind to give a round of applause for pour valedictorian Jenna Dexter."

There were about if clap as Emma kissed my cheek and I made my way to the podium, “Good morning family, lived ones, friends this is a day of celebration of the future. This is a day in due none of us will forget, I know I won't this year has been a good one for all of us but staying today we're moving on, planning ahead, and making memories. Every moment we have a new memory and every moment is to be cherished, there are so few special moments they we take for granted and don't know how much they matter. But next thing we know the moment is gone, every moment counts. We are the future and I hope that every one of us makes something of ourselves, to the future the class of 2014 creates."

For a moment I thought no-one cared about what I had just said but I heard a clap, then two, then twenty, and then both crowds were clapping and wooing for me. Years filled my eyes as I made my way back to my seat, Emma hugged me and I laughed.

 “You did amazing."

 “You were my inspiration." I whispered making her smile grow even wider.

They had the other kids speak and handed out some medals, Zack got one for having the highest algebra average which I'm going to question him about later. But before I knew it the stated partying out the diplomas being that our last name was Dexter we were called in the beginning.

 “Emma Dexter." She squeezed my hand as she made her way to get her diploma and shake the principal's hand, she did a little curtsy toward the crowd and Tony whistles at her. I googled and she found her way back to her seat, I smiled but before she could speak, “Jenna Dexter."

Slowly I stood up and almost topped on my heels, yes Emma actually talked me into wearing heels and now I'm really regretting it. If I'm not careful I'll be that one girl who falls at graduation, but I maneuvered my way to the principal and shook his hand as he placed my diploma in my other one.

This is the moment I've been waiting my whole life for, I mentally thought to myself. With a smile bowed to the crowd as they called, I could hear Zack and end telling my name making me giggle,

It took a while to get to Zack but when they called him he lived his fist in the air and had both cried roaring with laughing and clapping. The ceremony ended not too long after that and all of us got ready to throw our caps.

 “Ladies and gentlemen your class of 2014." The minute the principal finished we all lifted offset our various and tossed them up in the air, I giggled to Emma before I was spun around to face Zack.

 “Congratulations Ms. Dexter." He whispered and kissed my lips slowly as I kissed back, this was one day I wouldn't ever want to forget.

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