Remember me?

Emma and Jenna are twins and are just alike, with their dark black hair and blue eyes you couldn't tell them apart. Besides their personalities Jenna is shy and sweet while Emma was fun and eccentric, they're inseparable and love each other more than anything. But one night Jenna watches as her sister runs away, and Jenna can't do anything to stop her. Jenna blames herself.
It's been three years since Emma's runaway and Jenna is still searching the world for her other half, though her parents and cops have lost hope Jenna won't give up. But one night she gets exactly what she wants, she finds her sister. She finds Emma on the side of a dark alley but not the way Jenna would expect. Now with her sister back in her life Jenna promises to help get Emma back on track, but Emma is so far gone Jenna knows she's not the same sister she used to be.
Maybe with Jenna's love and friendship Emma can get her life back.


16. Goodbye Jenna


 This what my room was empty, it was strange but i still thought was nice. Today I would be leaving home and going off to college, I'd gotten my acceptance letter to NYU a week after graduation. I asked to the creative writing program and an really looking forward to starting, and to add on Zack is coming with me. He has applied to NYU without me knowing and got accepted into their filming program, so we'll living in an apartment together. And you know you're excited, I thought to myself and laughed.

 "Hey Jenna you almost ready?" Emma yelled up the stairs.

Emma had decided that since we had graduated and that I was going off to college it was time for her, Emery, and Tony to go back home to New York. It was hard to leave Mum and Cory alone as we went off to live our lives but Mum said she just couldn't keep us from living our lives to baby them. Me and Emma had a long talk with her about the subject but in the end she started packing my things, I decided it was for the best to just agreed. Of course we'd be back for holidays and Cory's birthday and I planned on calling every once in a while to check in on them.

We haven't seen dad since mum filed for divorce, he told us he loved us and checks would be in the mail to help mum take care of Cory. Against my wishes he paid for my NYU tuition and gave me at least a thousand dollars in spending money, he gave Emma $1,500 to buy Emery stuff and anything that they would need.

She hasn't touched that money or even thought about it since he gave it to her. 

 "I need your help real quick." I screamed back at her, she appeared in the door a second later with Zack and Cory behind her, "Take those boxes and Zack take that trunk it's really heavy."

He groaned, "Why do I have to do all the heavy lifting?"

 "Because you're my big strong guy, Cory please help him." With grins they lifted the trunk and left the room, I grabbed two boxes and Emma grabbed the last two, " I guess I'm done." 

 "How's it feel knowing you're going to college? I bet you're excited." She smiled leading us both down the stairs.

 "Yeah it's a dream but I always thought it'd be me and you going off to college together."

 "Yeah I know but things change. But hey I'm only an hour drive and a phone call away if you need me." She whispered into my ear.

 "Thanks Emms I'll keep that in mind when I need a Ben & Jerry's ice cream movie marathon."

She winked and placed her boxes into the moving truck Zack had rented to get our stuff to our apartment, as soon as all our stuff was put into the truck we'd be on our way. Emma is gonna stay until tomorrow to make sure Mum and Cory are settled.

 "This is so overwhelming."

She wrapped her arm around my shoulder and smiled, "It is but you're strong enough to handle it. Just promise me you'll wait until after you graduate college to have a baby."

 "I promise you I will, I love Emery but I couldn't handle one of her 24/7 I have no idea how you do it." I giggled and she rolled her eyes but laughed.

 "Okay girls the trucks' loaded" Zack yelled starting his truck, "We should get going."

I paused and my eyes found Tony, Andi, mum, and Cory on the porch I could feel the tears coming to my eyes. Pulling away from Emma I wrapped my arms around my mum and she hugged me tight.

 “Take care of yourself, call me as soon as you get there and every day after, and don't eat pizza every night. Promise you'll come back for thanksgiving."

 “I promise mum, take care of Cory." I whispered and she nodded.

 “I love you honey."

 “I love you to mum." I moved to Cory and he smiled, “I'm gonna miss you little man."

He hugged me making more years fall down my cheeks, “You're the man of the house New, call me if you need anything. And take care of mum, I love you pal."

 “Love you too Jenna don't have to much fun at college."

I giggled and missed at him, Andi had tears running down her face but smiled, “I'm gonna miss you baby girl."

 “Why did you have to get accepted into Penn state?"

She laughed, “I guess one college can't handle the the of us."

My lip trembled as she pulled me into her arms, we hugged each other tight for a few minutes before she pulled away, “Oh great you ruined my makeup."

We all laughed and I finally turned to Emma who was more holding Emery, “I guess this is goodbye."

She shook her head, “Only for a little while I'll Skype, call and if I have to I'll persuade Tony into letting me drive to you."

 “I have a feeling it won't be a hard persuasion." Tony snickered making us laugh. I tickled Emery's side and she giggled, she gave me a small kiss on my cheek making me smile. My eyes met Emma's and she sniffled as she handed the baby to Tony, I rushed at her and held her tight as she gripped me right back. Even though we wouldn't be far it was still hard to say goodbye, no matter how many times I said I forgave Emma for leaving I hate the thought of her leaving one second and never coming back again. The thought scares me but I just had to trust my sister to come back.

I pulled away and wiped her tears away as she softly whispered, “Come back to me?"


Slowly I walked to Zack's truck and climbed in, they waved as he started the car and I waved out the window until they were out of sight. Zack kissed my forehead and I gripped his hand as we got into the highway and to our future.

I don't know what the future will be like, if me and Zack will stay together forever, if I'll get through college and graduate, maybe I'll decide to have my own baby. Even though Emma never finished school or got to live her dreams she got something much more better.

She had love.

Even though she left for a few years she never lost our love for her and we never have up on her, I never will give up on Emma and she'll always be there for me. My future was clear even though not all the event were clear I knew that all I would need was love, And that's exactly what I had.

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