Nikki and Liam are doing better than ever. But when their realationship takes a gigantic step, will they survive the wait? Or will one fall for someone else? Read to find out!


2. What a day...

"Good morning, fiancé." Liam kissed my cheek as we awoke to Taylor's cry.

I laughed. "I'll go get Taylor." I got up from bed and went into the nursery. The sun wasn't even up yet. I looked at the baby monitor. 5 AM. Most of my days have been like this. I wake up way before a normal person should, change Taylor, feed Taylor, feed Liam and I... the list goes on and on. Then once Liam goes to work, I have to stay home with Taylor. The entire day. Don't get me wrong, I love her. It's just the poop. And the eyedrops. She has the temporary blindness like the doctor said she would. It's clearing up though. Just 4 eyedrops a day. Everyday.

And it's not like I can take a nap or anything. I have a baby to watch.  Unless she's taking a nap too. And then when Liam comes back from work at five, I go to work. It's only until 10, but it's still exhausting. And this is my entire life. No more school. Just baby watching and working. 

Liam walked in the nursery while putting his undershirt on. "You look tired. Do you want me to take a sick day today so you can rest?" He pressed his lips against my neck, moving up to my cheek.

" can't. We need the money. I'll be fine. Save your sick days for when you're actually sick."

"Fine. Your choice." He released me and picked up Taylor, bringing her into the kitchen to eat.

"So what do you want for breakfast?" I leaned my back against the counter as Liam played with Taylor. 

"I don't care. Anything." He didn't take his eyes off of Taylor as he answered me. "You know I might just pick something up on my way to work actually." He handed Taylor to me, and grabbed his jacket.

"What's wrong?" I put Taylor in her highchair. 

"Nothing. I just feel like eating McDonald's today. Is there something wrong with that?"

"No...just...go. Love you." I kissed him on the cheek.

"Bye. You too." He walked out the apartment, almost slamming the door. Sometimes he has fits like that. Where nothing will happen, and he gets mad or annoyed. It drives me insane. That's the only thing about Liam I find as a turn-off. Besides that, he's perfect. And he really cares about Taylor. And me. Even during the night, if Taylor starts crying, he'll get up and put her back to sleep just so I don't have to. He's always there for me. 

I grabbed a can of baby food from the bottom cabinet. "Taylor? Are you hungry?" I placed the baby spoon and food on her highchair table. It's weird eating with a baby. I have to give myself a bite, then Taylor. Then me, then Taylor. By the end of the meal, my hands are exhausted.

I sat down on the couch in the living room and put the TV on. I sat Taylor in her playpen. I was watching Oprah when my phone rang. 

"Hey Nik. I'm bored out of my mind at school! Are you ever coming back?" I could hear Kenzie's voice getting softer.

"Nope. I'm done with school. No time. I only have this year left anyway."

She sighed. "Fine. Well I have to go. See you at work later. At least I get to hang out with you there." She hung up leaving me speechless. She knows I have a baby to take care of. I don't know what runs through her head sometimes.


My 5th episode of Oprah, and Taylor's already asleep. Good. My nap time too. 


"Come on! Zayn's here!" Liam was shaking me. 

"What? Why's Zayn here?" I sat up on the couch with my hair super messy. I saw Zayn standing in the doorway. "Oh. Hi Zayn. I'm sorry you have to see me like this. So....why exactly are you here?"

He raised his eyebrows. "Um I called earlier and left a voicemail and said I was coming. Then I called Liam, and he said he was already home and that it was okay."

"Liam you've been home for a while now huh?"

Liam nodded. "Yep. I even heard you snore. Adorable." He wrinkled his nose and smiled. 

"Okay. Well can I help you with anything Zayn? Oh I'm sorry about you and Sydni by the way."

He looked down at the ground. "Yeah...she was extremely rude. I couldn't take it anymore to be honest. But I came here today..." He looked back up at me with a smile. "To give you...." He put two tickets in the air. "Honeymoon airline tickets!! They take wherever you want, next year!"

"What?! Zayn how did you afford this?" My jaw dropped.

"They were me and Sydni's." He looked at Liam and winked.

"Liam did you know about this?"

"Yes. Yes he did." Zayn laughed. "Just don't end up like me and Syd." He laughed. 

Me and Liam just stared at each other. "Well....I don't think we will." A small smile grew across Liam's face. I lied back down on the couch as Zayn and Liam talked in the kitchen. I hate when people talk in another room. It makes me feel like they're talking about me.

I started to doze off when Zayn left. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Liam take Taylor out of her playpen, and hold her. He's even sweeter to her when I'm not around....or when I'm asleep. 

"Liam I'll take Taylor if you want." I tried to sit up but Liam gently pushed me back down. 

"No you rest. You have a good 45 minutes until you have to go to work, so you might as well use that time to sleep."

"45 minutes?! Liam it takes me 15 to get ready! And then I have to drive there!"

"Oh. It only takes men 2 minutes...I thought it was the same."

"Nope. Thanks. Now I'm in a rush." I ran up and went straight to the bedroom to change my clothes. I yelled to Liam from across the apartment. "What were those tickets about anyway? You and Zayn were acting pretty strange about it."

"The tickets? Just a nice deed that's all." His voice sounded unsure.

"Okay..." I went back into the living room to get my purse. 

"You look hot!" Liam laughed. He knows I HATE my uniform.

"Shut up Liam." I kissed him and kissed Taylor on her head. "See you later. Love you."  

I walked outside and got in my car. I got out the parking lot, and was driving pretty well....until I hit somebody who was walking across the road. I stopped my car and immediately ran out in the front of the car to see if the person was ok. I looked, and couldn't believe what I saw. Lying there, barely breathing.....

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