Nikki and Liam are doing better than ever. But when their realationship takes a gigantic step, will they survive the wait? Or will one fall for someone else? Read to find out!


15. Vacation

"What is it?" I laughed as Liam pulled me on the couch.

"I have a surprise." Liam had a huge smile on his face.

"What?" I picked up Taylor and sat her on my lap so she could hear the good news too.

"We're going on a vacation!"

"Really!? Where?" 

"Where else but Disney World!"

"Yay!" I spun Taylor around in the air and then gave Liam a big kiss. "This is gonna be so much fun. When are we leaving?"

"Well since Disney World is in Florida, we're gonna have a pretty long flight. So I was thinking.....tommorrow?" Liam held up three plane tickets and laughed. "So... come on! Let's get packing! Our flight leaves at 8 AM!"

I put Taylor down in her play pen and began to pack. "Liam? How many days will we be there?"

"5 days, 4 nights."

I walked into the kitchen where Liam was. "Liam...can we afford this?"

"Don't worry, I've got it covered."

"What do you mean 'you have it covered'?"

"I got the trip for free. I entered some stupid contest in the mall and won! The only thing we have to pay for is souvenirs and food!"

"Wow! That's amazing!" I hugged Liam and went back into our bedroom to continue packing. I packed 5 pairs of shorts, 3 tank tops, 2 short-sleeved shirts, and a dress. You never know when you might need a nice dress.

I was almost done packing my bathroom stuff when I heard Taylor start to cry. I walked into the living room and picked her up. She doesn't like being alone for a long time. I rocked her back and forth and brought her into the bedroom with me. Might as well pack for her right now too. I made sure to bring as many diapers as I could fit in the bag. The last thing we need is to be stuck in a theme park with a poopy baby. 

Liam walked in the bedroom and took Taylor from me. "You have two people to pack for. I'll take her off your hands."

"Thanks." I smiled and continued packing. "Are you already done?"

"Yep. Oh make sure you pack a swimsuit too. They have a pool outside our hotel."

"Where are we staying?"

"At the 'Art of Animation Resort'. It's brand new."

"Yay! You got the Little Mermaid room, right?"

"Of course!" Liam laughed and walked out the room.

I walked over to my dresser to find some swimsuits. My so called 'swimsuit drawer' only consisted of a top and a bottom that don't even match. Great. I have to go to the mall and find something to wear. 

"Liam, I have to go to the mall. I don't have any swimsuits."

"Oh. Here." Liam walked in the bedroom and handed me a 100 dollar bill. 

"Liam, I'll buy from the clearance rack. I only need a 20."

"No. Take this."

I kissed his cheek, grabbed my purse, and headed to the mall. 


As I entered the mall, I noticed a big grey van outside the doors. I wonder what that's all about. I walked in the food court, and my worst nightmare came true. Prisoners. Everywhere. They were all in their bright orange jumpsuits with trash bags in their hands. There was a cop following each of them. I tried to stay to the side, so I wouldn't get in their way. I walked around the perimeter of the food court slowly. I didn't want anyone to see me. I was almost at JC Penney's. I started to walk backward so all of the prisoners would still be in my view. 

Then I felt my back hit something. I turned around.


"Nikki." He said. "Just the girl I was looking for."

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