Nikki and Liam are doing better than ever. But when their realationship takes a gigantic step, will they survive the wait? Or will one fall for someone else? Read to find out!


13. 1st and last time

"Sure around 1 is good." I glanced up at the clock. I'll have to leave early. I don't know why Alex is so anxious to get over here. She called me at 7 AM asking when she should be over. It's 11:30 now. Since Liam is already at work, I think I might go run an errand or something once Alex gets here. I'll have like 4 hours to do whatever I want. No baby, no fiancé, just myself. Seems unimaginable. This nanny thing might be the best thing to ever happen to me. 

I got Taylor out of her crib and fed her lunch. I don't understand how babies eat baby food. It's just a bunch of mushed up random stuff. But then again, so is my life.


"Nikki!!" Alex's arms swung around me tightly. "OMG is this her?" She grabbed Taylor from my arms and smiled. 

"Uh yeah that's Taylor." I faked a smile.

"Where's Liam?" Alex's eyes wandered around the house.

"He's at work already....did you wanna ask him something or-"

"No I was just wondering." She smiled. "Okay well I think you're good to go! I can take it from here!"

"Oh okay. Um-" I kissed Taylor on her head and grabbed my purse. "Bye. Thanks again!" As I shut the door behind me, I could feel the guilt overflowing in my whole body. I just leaved my baby with someone she's never even met. But she seemed so comfortable around Alex. That's good. I guess.

I drove around Main Street until I found something to do. I've never noticed it before, but there was a little pizza shop right next to Charlotte Russe. It looked cute, so I went in.

It had that vintage italian look to it. Brick walls, pretty lights hanging from the ceiling, waiters with mustaches. 

"Hello! What can I do for you today?" I turned to the cash register to see a guy about my age. He had beautiful blue eyes and dark quaffed hair. I also noticed a light italian accent. I was speechless for a second, then I remembered that I came in to eat. 

"Oh, yeah. Um...can I have a slice of pepperoni?"

"Perfecto. Give me just a sec and I'll have it right out." He winked and went to the back where the ovens are. I was pulling out my wallet when I felt a small tap on my back. I quickly turned around.

"Hi. I'm Eve." It was a little girl, probably about 7 with long brown hair and light green eyes. She had an italian accent just liked the blue eyed guy.

" you work here?"

"No. My dad and my uncle on the place. I just help. Without payment."

"Wow. You're pretty smart for your age."

"Thank you." She smiled, showing me her missing front teeth.

"I'm so sorry about her. Eve go color or something." The blue eyed guy gestured for Eve to leave.

"Yes Uncle Tino." She smiled at me, grabbed her coloring books and crayons, and left. 



"Oh. Okay. Thank you. Bye I guess."

"Wait- you don't happen to need a cleaning service do you?"


Tino walked out from behind the counter. That's when I noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt under his apron. So unsanitary..... but so nice to look at. "I'm Tino You are?"

"Nikki...and confused. What does a cleaning service have to do with pizza?"

"Well, nothing really. I'm-" He lowered his voice into a whisper and sat down at a table near us. "I'm trying to quit my job here. If I can get a new job, I'll be good. And I've been cleaning since I was a little boy back in Italy."

"I'm sorry, I can't help. Thanks for the offer though." I walked out the restaurant without looking back. Some hot people are real creeps. I called Alex to check up on Taylor. 

It rang..........

I jumped in my car faster than you can think.



Hey guys! Sorry for the short chapter! I'm kind of having a writers block lately. If you have any ideas/recommendations, PLEASE send them to me! Also, I just recently hit 500 reads on Obsession! I know it's not much, but it's a lot for my first book!! In celebration of 500 AMAZING readers, I'm gonna give you a sneak peak of my coming soon book, "Something Great" I hope you like it!!

SOMETHING GREAT (Part of Chapter One):

"Ow ow ow ow owwww" I gripped Louis' bicep as the needle drew another line on my forearm.

"I know it hurts don't worry, it'll be over soon."

"That's what she said." I mumbled through my teeth as the pain grew.

Louis laughed. "What is this suppose to be anyway?"

"A flower. My mom loved flowers. Her garden was filled with all types, and went on for as far as the eye could see."

"Wow. All of my tattoos are just random things my friends dared me to get." Louis rolled up his sleeve. "See? I've gut a butt right here."

I giggled. "Well this is only my first. Who knows? Maybe before I know it I'll be covered like you."

The lady doing my tattoo wiped off my arm and walked away. I guess that means I'm done?

"What do you think, Lou?"

"I think it's perfect. It matches your eyes." He winked and touched my arm, sending a jolt of pain all through my body.

"Ouch! You butt." I play shoved Louis and he laughed.

"Don't make fun of people's tattoos."


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