Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


10. Chapter 9

                Draco skulked out of the class “why did you want to see me?” Hollis asked “that is no way to greet someone” Lucius said. She looked at him curiously, she wondered what he was up to “hello Lucy, lovely to see you, now what do you want?” she said, Lucius smiled “it is about your birthday gift” he said. Hollis sighed “yes, what about it?” she asked “you need to release it, you need to activate it” he said “why?” she asked. Lucius walked closer to her “because my dear, it is needed” he said, he pushed a lock of her hair behind her ear “your idiot cousin has escaped Azkaban and you must kill him” he said. Hollis looked into his big blue grey eyes, they were phenomenal “how can I kill him if I don’t know where he is?” she asked, Lucius moved in a little closer “it will be able to find him, if you just think kill Sirius Black it will be able to find him and kill him” he said. Hollis and Lucius’ heads were centimeters apart “I lost it” she said, she couldn’t tell him she still had it, she didn’t want to kill Sirius but  she couldn’t tell him that either. Lucius put his hand on her chin and lifted her head closer to his “how is that possible” he asked, Hollis felt like her stomach was filled with Cornish pixies “I just misplaced it, I am sure it will turn up” she said “yes”. Before Hollis knew what was happening she could feel his hands on her hips and his lips on her lips, he tasted like mint with a hint of raspberry, Hollis pulled her head back “good bye Lucy” she said. He kissed her again, Hollis gently pulled back “good bye Lucy” she said and she slowly walked away leaving Lucius alone in the classroom.

                Hollis walked off to find Lupin and Sirius, she decided to ignore what had just happened, Sirius was still acting like he had just seen someone being brutally murdered. Hollis rolled her eyes “Sirius stop acting like an idiot, I am sure it was not your first time seeing ‘parts’” she said, Sirius shook her shoulders “but it was S-S-Sniv” he said, Hollis punched him “get over it” she demanded. Sirius whimpered “just kill me” he said “maybe I will” Hollis said, Sirius straightened up “no” he said, Hollis punched him again, harder this time “can you just act like an adult please” she said. Lupin laughed “why are you laughing” she asked, Lupin blushed “well” he began but Hollis cut him off “listen Remus, I am going to need you to control my cousin and his immatureness okay” she said “yeah” he answered. Hollis pulled up a chair “sorry” she said “for what?” Lupin asked “for you know ‘scarring you for life’” she replied “it’s not your fault, we should have knocked” he said. They sat there for a while in silence, then Hollis thought of something she was not excited to do but she just realised that it was the perfect opportunity for it “do you want to get your wand tomorrow?” she asked, Sirius jumped up “thank you, but won’t people notice me” he said “no, you are going to take polyjuice potion and turn into Charlie Weasley” she said, he is in Romania so there is no chance of here being two Charlie Weasley's in diagon alley” Sirius nodded “you always were brilliant” he said.

                Hollis, Remus, and Sirius sat there planning out their trip to diagon alley “so we will go at 10 and come back at 11:30, does that work for you?” Hollis said “sounds great” Sirius said “good, well see you tomorrow then, bright and early” Remus said as Hollis and Sirius walked back to Snapes quarters. Sirius was in the shape of a dog which made it really awkward to sneak him through the halls, Hollis would give him the ‘all clear’ and then he would sprint down the hallway. Hollis had given Sirius a lecture on the way back to Snapes quarters and had come to an agreement that Sirius would apologize and then pretend it never happened. Sirius walked in with his head hung low “sorry” he mumbled, Hollis nudged him “sorry” he said, clearly this time, the smirk on Snapes face was priceless “yes” Snape said. Hollis walked into the kitchen “shall I get you boys some drinks?” she asked, they both nodded, Hollis brought them both glasses of wine, but just had water for herself “no wine?” Sirius asked “no, I just want some water, I don’t feel well” she answered. Snape looked at her suspiciously, he didn’t believe that Hollis was just going for a check up on Sunday, he thought something was going on she had been acting a little weird all week “what's wrong with you?” Hollis asked him “nothing” he said. Hollis took a sip of her water “um… you know how we are going to diagon alley tomorrow” Hollis began “yes” both Snape and Sirius said, Snape looked at Sirius confusedly “right, well we are taking Sirius to get a new wand” she said. Snape glared at Sirius “excuse me?” Snape said “yes and then Lupin will bring him back here” she said, Snape rolled his eyes “yes of course” he said. Snape was not thrilled to hear this news, he had things to do, places to be and Sirius was just a pain in his arse, he didn’t see why he should do anything for the man responsible for ruining his school years, it was outrageous.

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