Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


8. Chapter 7

                It was stressful having Sirius there, he was a right pain in her arse, he had spent most of the time rambling on about how awful Azkaban was. Though Sirius was irritating, he was as irritating as this Jason Antipova kid, he kept flirting with Hollis and telling her how beautiful she was, it was really starting to make her mad. She didn’t know how to punish him because he volunteered to have detentions with her and he seemed keen on doing essays and reports for her, she had got Snape to give him a few detentions but that didn’t stop Jason. It was the Friday before the first hogsmede weekend, she was looking forward to having all of the students out so that she could let Sirius, in his animagus form, run around on the grounds, Hagrid who had always liked Sirius agreed to take him into the forbidden forest with fang on Sunday. Hollis was excited about just being able to relax, every time Hollis would be almost perfectly relaxed Sirius and Snape would start bickering, it was torture. She was less excited by the fact that she would eventually have to take Sirius to get a wand, his wand had been destroyed when he got thrown in Azkaban, she couldn’t imagine Sirius in diagon alley, he would be like a kid in a candy shop.

                Hollis was swaying back and forth thinking about all the things she could do with Sirius gone when she was hit with a paper airplane “who threw this” she demanded. She frowned when she saw who raised their hand, it was Jason, “Mr. Antipova, why would you throw this at me” she asked “read it” he said, Hollis rolled her eyes and unfolded the paper “Dear beautiful, your eyes are like stars, they brighten the sky, your hair is like a silk curtain framing your soft and pale skin, I long for you, your touch, your kiss, I love you –J.A p.s you have an amazing rack”. Hollis looked at the paper and then back at Jason “can I talk to you in the hallway Mr. Antipova” Hollis said “of course my darling” he said, Hollis rolled her eyes and led him out into the hallway. She glared at him “listen” she began but Jason put his finger over her lips “shhh… I know” he said he moved his finger and gave her a big kiss. Hollis stood there confused, her students was kissing her, she pushed him off “what the fuck” she said, he tried to kiss her again “stop it, I don’t know what your problem is young man but stop it” she said. He smiled seductively “well, well my foxy momma I knew you liked me” he said, Hollis smacked herself on the forehead “what are you talking about, I despise you” she said “then what was that kiss about” he replied, Hollis grabbed his collar and shook him “listen Jason, leave me alone or I will snap your wand and feed you to a pack of werewolves. I am in a relationship and do not need a creepy little boy stalking me and acting like he loves me, you are fifteen” she said, Jason just kept smiling “you’re a good kisser” he said. Hollis wanted to strangle him “Jason, what the hell is wrong with you” she yelled “I just kissed a goddess” he said, Hollis was getting fed up “go and stand outside Dumbledore's office I will see you after class”.

                Hollis was dreading telling Dumbledore about what Jason did, she knew he would get in big trouble but he deserved it. Jason smiled when she walked up “listen Hollis” –“Miss. Black- “don’t tell Dumbledore, he doesn’t need to know about what happened, he doesn’t need to know that we just made out” he began “you are an incredibly sexy woman Hollis” –“Miss. Black” –“and I was just picking up what you were putting down, I know I make you horny”. Hollis wanted to punch him “lemon drop” she said, the large door to Dumbledore's office opened “walk” she said, Jason strutted up the moving spiral staircase, Hollis opened the other door and walked in to find Snape and Dumbledore talking. She just ignored the fact that they were mid-conversation “Hello Severus, you are going to want to leave, we wouldn’t want you to get jealous” Jason said Hollis ground her teeth “no stay, I want you to hear what a little creep your Slytherin is” Hollis said. Snape and Dumbledore looked at each other “very well, what has young Jason done” Dumbledore said smiling at Jason, Jason winked at Hollis “I don’t think Hollis would want me to tell you” Jason said cheekily “tell him” Hollis yelled. Jason winked at Hollis again “Hollis and I shared a moment of pure passion in the hallway” he said, Hollis took a deep breath “you little bastard” she said “Miss. Black, language” Dumbledore said. Hollis grabbed the note Jason had given her and handed it to Dumbledore “did I lie” Jason said “it is amazing” Dumbledore handed Snape the note. Jason was one of the only students in the school who wasn’t afraid of Snape, Snape got angrier with every word he read, he didn’t know what to say, he wanted to kill the little bastard “Jason this is very serious, you cannot send letters like this to your professors” Dumbledore said. Hollis threw her hands in the air “it gets worse” she said “what do you mean” Snape asked “I told you we shared a moment of passion and lust” Jason said “he kissed me, I went into the hallway to scold him and he kissed me” Hollis said. Dumbledore chuckled “this isn’t funny” Snape said “I think he should be expelled” Dumbledore looked sympathetically at Jason “Probation” Dumbledore said. Hollis rolled her eyes “probation?” she said “yes, there will be no quidditch, no hogsmede weekend, and he shall spend every night for a month cleaning with Mr. Filch” Dumbledore explained “fine” Hollis said as she stormed out slamming the door behind her.

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