Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


7. Chapter 6

                Snape and Sirius were civilized for the rest of the night, they didn’t dare get Hollis angry, when Hollis got angry it was not pretty. Lupin had left them at around six, he had papers to grade “wow” Sirius said “I am finally out of that hell hole, Harry is here right” Hollis and Snape looked at each other they had decided it would be best for harry not to meet Sirius now “yeah, he is in his third year, now Sirius you can’t see him, he is a child and you are a mass murderer” Hollis said “yes, the boy is very fragile” Snape added. Sirius stood up in protest “I am his god father, I have a right to meet him” he said, Hollis sighed “Sirius, Severus is right, he is very fragile and meeting you will change his whole world. I know that you love him but not right now, you will meet him, but not right now” she said. Sirius flopped down on the couch “I guess, so what’s new with you Holly” he said “well I am the DADA professor and I have already made a fool of myself” she said “I thought it was going well” Snape said, Hollis frowned “yes well I ran down the hall in m night gown” she said. Sirius snickered “you what?” he said “yes, and some idiot fifth years thought it would be funny to make an idiot of me” she answered, Sirius was laughing like an idiot “shut up” she said “what did they do?” Snape asked. Hollis blushed “they said I was ‘foxy’ and were acting like little perverts” she said, Sirius laughed even harder “who was it?” Snape asked “um… some idiot Slytherin and his friends, Jason Antipova I think” she answered “right, I will have a little chat with him” Snape said, Hollis hugged him “you’re my favorite” she said.

                Hollis set up a bed for Sirius on the couch “you will not leave this room, if you do we will bring you straight back to Azkaban” Snape said “yes your highness” Sirius said, Snape rolled his eyes. Hollis and Snape were lying in bed next to each other “I am sorry” she said “for what?” Snape asked “having Sirius here, I know you hate him but he is family” she replied. It was quiet for a minute “that’s fine” he said “you are such a nice man” she said, Snape looked at her “if you tell anyone I will have to kill you”. The lay there for a while just staring up at the ceiling, it was dark but her eyes had adjusted to it, the ceiling had little stars all over it, it looked as if she were looking up into the night sky. Snape had his eyes closed but she knew he was awake “now what” she said, he didn’t answer right away but he did open his eyes “we find him a place to live” Snape said “but everyone will be after him” she snuggled her head into his chest “you will help protect him right, you promise” she said, Severus just kissed her, which she knew meant ‘yeah fine’. Hollis looked at him, she could barely make him out but she could tell he was looking right back at her she ran her hand through his hair “I am going to get new shampoo for you” she said “shut up” he said. Hollis sat on him with a leg on either side “why are you so nice to me” she said he sat up and put his hand behind her neck “because you are the only person I do not despise” he said, Hollis laughed “what are you saying, you despise everyone except me” she said “no, I just despise you the least” he said Hollis kissed him “bastard”.

                “Hey” Sirius said as he banged on Snape and Hollis’ bedroom door “what is going on in there” Hollis laughed and smiled at Snape “maybe we should just get rid of him” she said. She wrapped herself in a blanket and opened the door “what do you want” she said, Sirius looked as if he had just eaten a rotten apple “you two are together” he said, Hollis rolled her eyes “what did you think, I kind of live here and we share a bedroom” she said. Sirius looked in the door “if you hurt her I will kill you” he said, Hollis walked into the living room and closed the bedroom door behind her “what do you want Sirius, I was trying to sleep” she said. Sirius walked over and sat on the couch “well you certainly snore oddly” Sirius said, Hollis laughed “yes I do” Sirius looked up at her “gross Holly, just gross, you and Sniv” he said. Hollis clenched her jaw “Severus, his name is Severus” she said “can you just not be disgusting” he said “you mean date him?” Hollis said, Sirius frowned “no, just not ‘snore weirdly’ with him, never ‘snore weirdly’ again” he said. Hollis blushed “shut up Sirius, you have slept with half the female population, wizard and muggle so just don’t be a bastard” she said “now sleep”. Hollis stormed back into the bedroom and dropped the blanket “we should have left him in Azkaban, he is truly a complete prick, now come here” she said, she could hear Sirius moan in disgust “fuck you Sirius” she yelled.   

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