Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


6. Chapter 5

The next morning Hollis woke up to the sound of Snape and Lupin talking in the kitchen, she sprung out of bed when she remembered what they were going to do that day. Hollis threw on her frumpiest robes and pranced into the kitchen “good morning boys” she said as she poured herself a cup of coffee. Snape glared at Lupin “good morning” he said Hollis smiled at him, he looked so perfect when he was angry, it suited him, Hollis gave him a big kiss. Lupin chuckled “good morning Hollis” Lupin said “eat up and we will go” Hollis gobbled down a piece of toast and then slipped her shoes on and off they went. Hollis had been to Azkaban before to visit her sister Bella, she found it to be horrifying, she didn’t want Bella to see her with Snape and Lupin, Bella hated Snape with every fibre of her being. Hollis, Snape and Lupin apperated outside of Azkaban “so how are we supposed to get him out of here?” Hollis asked, Snape rolled his eyes “well Sirius is an animagus and dementors cannot feel the presence of animals” Lupin said, Hollis stroked her chin “and…” she said. Lupin and Snape looked at each other and sort of smiled “well, he will turn into an animagus and walk out with us under your cloak” Lupin said “why under my cloak, why not yours or his” she protested “I will not have that mutt under my cloak, and in case you didn’t notice the werewolf is wearing muggle clothing” Snape said “right, okay let’s go”.

                Hollis rubbed her arms as they walked up to Sirius’ cell, she recognized almost everyone in there, she had put her hood up so no one would recognize her. Snape could see that Hollis was scared, he took her hand, his hand was warm compared to the freezing temperatures of Azkaban, Hollis smiled up at him “Holly”. They all froze, it was one of Hollis’ old friend Alicia “Alicia” Hollis said awkwardly “what are you doing here?” Alicia asked, Hollis squeezed Snapes hand, she didn’t know what to say “just visiting Bella” she said quickly, not thinking. Lupin, Snape, and Alicia looked shocked “Bella?” Alicia said “um yeah, we must get going” Hollis said “bye” Hollis practically sprinted the rest of the way to Sirius’ cell. Sirius was sitting in the corner of his cell picking at his finger nails “Sirius” Hollis said, Sirius looked up “Snivellus?” he said, Hollis walked over and smacked him on the head “his name is Severus” she said. Sirius stood up and ran into Lupin's arms “Mooney” he yelled “are you and Snivellus friends now?” he asked “Severus” Lupin corrected him “who cares” Sirius replied. Sirius was so shocked that he even hugged Snape “get off me mutt” Snape said “sorry Sniv, just surprised” Sirius said “his name is Severus” Hollis said again “Snivellus, Severus, same thing” Sirius said. Hollis clenched her fists “do you want me to beat you up like I did when we were kids?” she said “sorry, sorry, you are so touchy” he said “turn into a dog” Hollis said. Sirius was about to talk but Hollis interrupted “turn into a dog and get under my cloak, we are taking you to Hogwarts” Sirius perked up “what?” he said “you heard me” she said angrily “now” Sirius didn’t object, he turned into a dog and got under Hollis’ robes “let’s get out of here, it’s creepy”.

                When they got back to Hogwarts they all sat down in Snapes small little living room “well now that he is out where will he stay?” Lupin asked “with us” Hollis said, Snape glared at her “oh no, the mutt is not staying here” he said “he has to, no one will expect him to be in here and where else would he go?” she said glaring at Snape, her glare was even worse than his. Snape rolled his eyes “hey Sniv, guess we are roomies now” Sirius said Snape ground his teeth “come on Sniv, it won’t be that bad” Hollis punched Sirius in the shoulder “if you call him Snivellus or Sniv one more time I will curse you into a million pieces” she yelled. She got up and walked to the kitchen, she took out a bottle of sunshine vodka and poured herself a glass “what the hell did I get myself into” she said, Sirius smirked “come on Holl, what else can I call him?” Sirius said “call him Severus, or Snape, or holy mother of whiskey, just not Snivellus okay, it irritates me” she said. Lupin and Sirius laughed “yes holy mother of whiskey seems like a good name” Sirius said as he nudged Snape “don’t touch me mutt” Snape said, Hollis took another drink of vodka “and you, you will call him Sirius, or Black, but don’t call him Black, because I am a Black and I will get confused” she ordered “now Sirius, you must be hungry, what do you want?”.


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