Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


32. Chapter 31

                Hollis and Snape were sitting drinking coffee when they both felt a pain in their left, Hollis and Snape looked at each other “shit” Hollis said, then she and Snape were gone. They apperated into the middle of a forest, Lucius, Lex, and other Death Eaters were there, in the middle of them was Rabastan holding the small little dark lord over a cauldron “welcome my friends” the dark lord said “Lex” he yelled. Lex walked up dragging a body behind him, it was the body of the little creep Jason Antipova “Jason” Hollis said, the dark lord chuckled “I heard he was giving my prize Death Eaters trouble” he said. Most of the Death Eaters laughed, while still feeling offended that people who were giving them a hard time weren’t being killed, Lex cut Jason up and threw him into the cauldron, then Rabastan cut off his own hand and put it into the cauldron. The dark lord chuckled “now Rabastan” he said, Rabastan dropped him into the cauldron, there was a bright white flash and then there, standing before them was lord Voldemort in his full form.

                The Death Eaters bowed to their lord, Voldemort danced around “oh how I missed my body” he said, the Death Eaters were smiling. Hollis was holding hands with Snape and Lucius, she was horrified that he was back for real, that he was back in his full form and was ready to attack. Voldemort walked up to Hollis and stroked her chin “I have heard of the gift Lucius has given you, call it” he said, Hollis had goose bumps ‘come here’ she thought. Seconds later the blood beetle was at her side “tell it to kill all those who have been unfaithful” he said, Hollis looked at the thing ‘kill all who were unfaithful except Snape, Lucius and I’ she thought. The sand tornado happened and then there were almost 10 bodies lying on the ground, she recognized most of them, Yaxley, Crabbe, Goyle, Mancair, Gibbon, the Carrows, and  more that she didn’t know. Voldemort frowned “tisk-tisk, so many filthy traitors” he said, he kicked some of the bodies “burn them” he said, Snape waved his wand and the bodies were on fire.

                The dark lord smiled at the five remaining Death Eaters, Hollis, Snape, Lucius, Lex, and Rabastan “my true friends” he said, the dark lord chuckled, he took the hands of Lucius and Hollis “what do we have here” he said. Hollis looked frantically at Lucius “my lord, she is like a sister to me” Lucius said, the dark lord looked at them and then looked at Snape “yes, of course” he said. The dark lord walked in circles around the five, he waved his wand, giving Rabastan a new hand “thank you my lord” Rabastan said, feeling his new hand. The dark lord smiled at Lucius “Lucius, may we make our way to your house” he said, the Death eaters joined hands and apperated to Malfoy manor. The dark lord sat at the head of the table, everyone else took a seat on the side, Hollis and Snape were right next to him “Hollis, I want you to bring me Potter” he said, Hollis choked “h-how my lord” she said. Voldemort smiled evilly I have been watching him, he seems to have taken a liking to you, he trusts you, it will not be hard” he said “yes my lord” Hollis replied. Lucius looked puzzled “why not just have the blood beetle kill potter” he said, the dark lord laughed “Lucius, I want to watch him die, I want to see him suffer, that would be too quick, too painless” Voldemort answered, Lucius nodded “yes my lord” he replied “don’t worry Lucius it won’t be long before I get dear Hollis here to release the beast upon Hogwarts”.




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