Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


3. Chapter 3

                Hollis spent the next day planning her lessons for the term, she was excited to be a teacher but she was also extremely nervous. She hoped she would be a step up from the past two DADA, one of the teachers was a phoney and the other had the dark lord underneath a turban on the back of his head, she knew she could do better than that. She had asked the other teachers for pointers, most of them weren’t really helpful and Hollis didn’t want to take Snapes advice on making the kids afraid of you, she was scared that her nephew would tell everyone about her being a death eater and she thought that them knowing that would already scare the pants off some of them. She knew that it was an inevitability that Draco would eventually tell someone, he was a little prat, and Neville Longbottom already knew her sister but he didn’t know that it wasn’t just Bella who had tortured his parents, Hollis had helped. She knew that even her last name would make her seem scary, they would assume she was as horrible as the rest of her family, which she thought she was but it was obvious she was not. Some of her best friends now were mudbloods and half-bloods, and she considered herself to be part of the biggest blood traitor family in the UK, the Weasley's.

                On the morning of the start of term Hollis drank at least 10 cups of coffee, she was incredibly nervous. Snape had taken away the coffee when she reached for about her 12th cup “hey” Hollis said “I was drinking that” Snape rolled his eyes “I think you have had enough coffee for one morning” he said. Hollis was shaking with all the energy the coffee had given her “this is so weird” she said drumming her hands on the table “I am going to be a teacher at Hogwarts” she smiled with all her teeth showing “I used to love this place, it was definitely the best part of my life” Snape looked at her “oh yes it was joyous” he said sarcastically. Hollis frowned at him and then gave him a hug “well yeah your experience wasn’t great, but two of the marauders are dead, Lupin is a werewolf which is worse than being dead, and Sirius is locked up in Azkaban, which is also worse than death” she said “and I know you hate Sirius but he wasn’t a bad man, if I am honest I miss him” Snape laughed sarcastically “you miss that dunderheaded idiot” he said. Hollis punched him in the arm “yes, and Sirius wasn’t even the secret keeper for Lily and James, Peter was that’s why Sirius killed him” she said, Snape stood back “excuse me, have you lost your mind?” he said “no I haven’t, Sirius told me, we were close you know, even though I was his little death eater cousin he trusted me” she said, she started to cry “It is my fault he isn’t out, I need to break him out, I need to make things right”.

                Snape poured himself a glass of fire whiskey “it’s nine in the morning” Hollis said, Snape just looked at her “Peter” he said “Peter was the secret keeper” Hollis rolled her eyes “yes he was, he is a filthy bastard and deserved to die” she said. Snape stroked his chin, Hollis sunk down into the couch “that bastard should have been put into Azkaban, Sirius should get an award for killing him” she threw her coffee cup across the room, it smashed loudly on the wall. Hollis got up and walked towards the door “where are you going?” Snape asked “I have to get Sirius” she said, she opened the door and started walking up the stairs, Snape chased her and grabbed her arm “you can’t just walk into Azkaban and break someone out” he said she pushed his arm away “want to bet” she said “but the students will be arriving tonight and how will you explain this to Dumbledore” Snape said. Hollis turned and looked at him “okay, well on the weekend I am going and you are coming with me” she said “and why must I go with you, you are perfectly capable of failing all by yourself” he said “don’t be a bastard, you will help me and we won’t fail” she stormed back down to his quarters and locked herself in his room.     

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