Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


28. Chapter 27

Dear Snivellus, I want to start by saying I am sorry. I am sorry for taunting you throughout school, I am sorry for almost getting you killed, and I am sorry for calling you Snivellus. When I was 9 I met a boy named Archer, he was the one who taught me about muggles. One day I tried to kiss him, he pushed me away and yelled what I presume is a bad muggle word at me. The next time I saw him I asked him why he had gotten so mad, he told me it was because he wasn’t ‘gay’. I didn’t understand him, I asked him what ‘gay’ was, he told me it was a horrible thing to be, and that it was the muggle equivalent of being a muggleborn. When I saw you, that first day at Hogwarts I felt something inside of me, something that I had only felt one time before, the feeling I felt when I tried to kiss Archer. I was scared, I remembered what Archer had said about those types of feelings, about how bad they were, and how only evil people feel them. My friends noticed I was staring, that’s when I panicked, that is when I started being a prat. I am telling you this because in the last few months I have seen a whole other side to you, a nicer side, a warm and comforting side. I only now realize what a complete and utter dick I was, seeing the way you are with Hollis made me realize just how bad it was to pick on a man as sweet and good as you. I love you. –Sirius

            Hollis read the letter over and over, she didn’t know how to feel, it was nice to see that Sirius regretted his actions towards Snape, but it was surprising to see that he loved Snape, that he loved her boyfriend. She felt, rage, jealousy, and sympathy, she opened some of the other letters, they all had the same thing written in different ways, and they all ended with Sirius saying ‘I love you’. Hollis shoved all the letters back under his bed, made his bed, and walked back into Snape’s quarters. Hollis saw Snape and Sirius sitting at the table, Snape was drinking coffee and Sirius was eating porridge and toast “hi” Hollis said, the boys looked over “hello” Snape said, “yerah hrii” Sirius said, his mouth full of porridge. Hollis looked at Sirius, in deep thought, Hollis had came to the conclusion that Sirius being in love with Snape was adorable, Hollis smiled at Sirius and Snape “hey Sirius, when you are done do you want to talk?” she asked, Sirius smiled “yerah” he said.

            Hollis and Sirius walked through the tunnel to Sirius’ house, Hollis was holding a torch in front o them “so I cleaned your place” she said, Sirius smiled “thanks” he said. Hollis sat down on Sirius’ sofa “so I was cleaning your room…” Hollis began “holy Holly” he said “this is spectacular”. Hollis looked around trying to see what was so spectacular “what is?” she asked Sirius punched her arm “this, you are the best cleaner I know” he said, Hollis laughed “yes, well…” he cut her off again “want a drink?” he asked. Hollis rolled her eyes at him “water please” she said “anyways, I found some letters under your bed” Sirius dropped the water glass “Holly” he said, Hollis just chuckled “I don’t care Sirius, I think it is cute and sweet” she said. Sirius went bright red “listen Sirius, I think that you should just be friends with my unborn children’s father, write as many letters as you like, but just don’t embarrass yourself” Hollis said, Sirius started crying “don’t tell anyone” he said, Hollis snuggled him “don’t worry” she said.

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