Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


25. Chapter 24

                Hollis was shaking, she rubbed her stomach ‘this can’t be happening’ she thought, Lex was leading her, Snape, Narcissa, and Lucius through the dark cave where the dark lord was. They had met up with Lucius and Narcissa at the front of the cave before entering, they turned the corner to find Rodolphus sitting next to a small frail body wrapped in blankets, inside of a basket. The body in the blankets stirred “welcome my friends” it said, they walked closer, Hollis could see a small boney face “my lord” Lucius said in shock of the appearance of Voldemort. The body stirred again “Congratulations Severus, Hollis” it said, Hollis had to act like she wasn’t afraid, she had to act like she was happy that he was back “thank you my lord” she said. A large snake slithered out of the shadows and wrapped herself around the basket in which the dark lord lay, it was his familiar, Nagini, Nagini started whispering into Voldemort's ear. Voldemort chuckled “I hear you are working at Hogwarts, and are spending lots of time with blood traitors and mudbloods” he said, Hollis shook “yes my lord” Hollis said, expecting the dark lord to curse her “good, good” he said. Hollis looked confused “yes my dear, you shall help Severus in the slow destruction of Hogwarts, and you can be very persuasive to those who look up to you… like the Weasley children” he said, Hollis wanted to kill him “yes my lord” she said “now all of you leave, I shall call you when the time comes” he said.

                When Hollis and Snape got back Hollis immediately went for a drink, she poured the whiskey, Snape knocked it out of her hands “you are pregnant” he said. Hollis sighed and sat down on the couch, Sirius was probably with Lupin, “well looks like I better get to work on persuading Ginny, Ron, Fred, George and Percy to become death eaters” Hollis said, Snape went over and sat next to her “you don’t have to do that, you just have to make him think you are doing that” he said. Hollis smiled at him “I can’t believe he is back, I mean I knew he would come back, but I thought we would both be dead before that happened” she said, Snape stroked her hair “I know” he said, just then Sirius and Lupin burst into the room laughing. Sirius smiled when he saw Hollis “Holly” he said, he ran and gave her a hug, and then gave Snape a hug “get off of me” Snape yelled, Sirius stood back “sorry Sniv, I forgot you were a twat” he said, Hollis chuckled “Severus, his name is Severus, and he isn’t a ‘twat’ he is a lovely man” she said. Sirius chuckled “right” he said, Lupin sat down on the other side of Hollis “how was your little vacation?” he asked “fine” Hollis replied “yes, fine” Snape echoed.    

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