Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


20. Chapter 19

            When Hollis and Snape got back to Hogwarts Sirius and Lupin were sitting on the couch drinking “how was it then?” Sirius asked, Hollis smiled “yeah, good”. Hollis had told Lupin about how she was going to tell the family she was pregnant over the break “Congratulations” Lupin said, giving Hollis and Snape a hug. Snape looked at Lupin and then at Hollis “you told him” he said, Hollis smiled awkwardly “it kind of slipped out” she said. Sirius looked confusedly at them “what the hell are you on about?” Sirius asked “you might want to sit down” Lupin said, Sirius looked worried “what’s wrong?” Sirius said as he sat down on the couch. Hollis smiled “well, I am not just fat” she said, Sirius laughed “Holly, look at yourself, you are definitely fat” he said, Hollis punched him “I am pregnant you fuckwit” she said. Sirius looked outraged “who’s baby is it?” he asked, Hollis rolled her eyes “his” she said pointing to Snape, Sirius threw his hands in the air “please tell me you cheated on him and it is someone else’s child” he said, Hollis punched him, in the face this time “you should be happy, you have a niece type thing” Hollis said. Sirius frowned “a niece type thing?” he said “yeah, because you are my cousin and they are my daughters, so you wont be the uncle, you will be… I don’t know… we will just call you uncle Sirius” Hollis said.

            Sirius went and poured himself another drink, Lupin just stood in the corner looking like he was in deep thought, he was stroking his chin and tapping his foot. He looked at Hollis “daughters” he said “yeah” Hollis replied, he jumped up “twins then” he said, Sirius spat out the drink in his mouth “two baby Snape’s” Sirius said. Hollis laughed “yes, the doctor told me on Christmas” she said “no way, oh congratulations Hollis” Lupin said “thanks” Hollis said. Sirius stood up, he was obviously getting a little tipsy “Snape” he said, he got up and walked over to Snape and hugged him “I guess we are family now” he said, Snape cringed “yes, I suppose we are” Snape answered. Hollis smiled at Snape “hey, let’s go for a walk” Hollis said, taking Snape’s hand and practically dragging him out of his quarters. Hollis and Snape sat on a bench near the lake “beautiful isn’t it” Hollis said, Snape didn’t answer, he didn’t see the ‘beauty’ in water. She held his hand “what do you think?” she asked “I think that this is not a comfortable bench” he said, Hollis put her head on his shoulder “no seriously” she said. Snape was holding back tears, for once in his life he was happy, he wasn’t angry like he usually was, he just wanted to sing “I think that these little girls are going to have the best mother in the world” he said. Hollis tearing up a little “my god I am so emotional” she said, they both chuckled “yes but you have an excuse” he said, she kissed his cheek “I love you” she said.

            Hollis and Snape sat there well into the night, it was around midnight when they finally decided to go back into the castle “well hello” a man said, it was Dumbledore “Hello professor” she and Snape said at the same time. He smiled at them “I heard a rumor that you are expecting” he said, Hollis smiled “well yeah” she said, Dumbledore hugged Hollis and then hugged Snape “Severus my boy, I am so happy for you” Dumbledore said “yes” Snape replied. Dumbledore always knew everything “if you come back to my office I have a gift” he said, Hollis smiled and she and Snape followed Dumbledore up to his office, he had changed his password to chocolate frogs. The walls in Dumbledore's office were covered with stuff, one wall had pictures of all the previous headmasters, in the middle of the room was his desk. He walked behind his desk and pulled out a large package “this is from Hagrid, he was here when Lupin squealed” he said, Hollis opened it, it was a Selk. A selk is a small bunny like creature who gives off an aura of soothing which can help babies fall asleep, “its lovely” Hollis said, Dumbledore then handed her an average size box. Hollis looked at it and then opened it, inside was two of the most soft, silky, beautifully designed blankets, with a few baby toys “thank you” Hollis said “yes thank you” Snape said, Dumbledore hugged them both “anything for you two” he said. 

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