Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


17. Chapter 16

            Hollis and Snape were going to stay over night at the burrow so they could wake up early with kids, Snape was less than happy about this, but Hollis was overjoyed. They arrived at the burrow around seven “Merry Christmas” Hollis said as she and Snape stepped out of the fireplace “Merry Christmas Holly” her mum said “I see you haven’t listened to my advice about eating and exercising” she said. Hollis smiled “nope” Hollis said, then hugged her mum “Molly” Snape said, reaching out to shake her hand but she pulled him into a hug “you look well Severus” she said “yes, as do you” Snape said. “Hello Hollis” a voice came from behind Hollis “dad” she yelled giving him a big hug “I missed you” he said smiling awkwardly “you sure have changed” he said, Hollis laughed “dad its okay to tell me I have gotten fat” Hollis said. Her dad looked embarrassed “right” he said, he then turned to Snape “hello Severus” he said, it was weird to watch Snape talk to him, Snape looked slightly intimidated, it was adorable. Hollis smiled at her parents “where is everyone?” she asked “in the yard playing quidditch” her dad said, Hollis ran out to go see them. They were playing three on three, Harry, Ginny, and Ron vs. Fred, George, and Charlie, Bill was referee “go Ron” Hollis yelled. They all jumped off their brooms and gave Hollis a hug “boy Holly, your even fatter than the last time we saw you” Fred said, Hollis punched him in the arm “yes, yes I am” she said, everyone laughed. Bill and Charlie gave her a hug at the same time “my god Holly you look so different” Bill said, he hadn’t seen her in about a year so it was quite shocking to see how she looked now.

            They all went inside, their mum had made them a before bed snack, chocolate raisin cookies and milk, it was Hollis’ favorite “thanks mum” Hollis said with her mouth full. Hollis and Snape got to sleep in Charlie’s room, Charlie and Bill were bunking together “excited for tomorrow?” Hollis asked, Snape rolled his eyes “not really” he said. He was lying on the bed, Hollis walked over and sat on him “come on, it will be fun” Hollis said “I highly doubt that” he said, Hollis brushed his hair off his forehead “I though you said you were a ‘fun guy’” Hollis said. Snape chuckled “I am, but I highly doubt having the Malfoys, and the Weasleys together in a small room will be fun” he said, Hollis laughed “it will be funny to see Lucy and dad bicker” Hollis said. Snape smiled up at her “you are strange” he said, Hollis punched him “I am okay with that” she said, she leaned over and kissed him “it will be nice tomorrow” Hollis said. Snape sat up, making Hollis slide down so she was sitting on his lap “I doubt that” he said, he was smiling cheekily “you are purposefully trying to annoy me aren’t you?” Hollis said, he nodded. Hollis kissed him, she was so happy, she loved him and he loved her, and they were going to have a child, it was perfect. Hollis went into her dream world, she felt like she was exactly where she was supposed to be, her life was finally good and she loved that. Hollis opened her eyes and looked at Snape, he looked nice when his hair was in a low ponytail “Merry Christmas” Hollis said “Merry Christmas” Snape replied.

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