Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


16. Chapter 15

            Hollis and Sirius were really getting into the Christmas spirit, they were dancing around Snape’s quarters dressed in all red and green to jingle bells. Hollis tried to get Snape to dance but he wouldn’t, he would just read, drink eggnog, and occasionally laugh at her and Sirius. Sirius and Hollis really did look like idiots, they were both terrible dancers, sometimes Lupin would come down and dance with them and when he came he would bring delicious food. The food was the only part of Christmas Snape actually liked, and Lupin’s cooking was phenomenal, today Lupin had brought his ‘famous’ Christmas soup. Hollis looked at it “What is in this” she asked “only the shadow knows” Lupin said, Hollis chuckled and grabbed a large bowl, Hollis hadn’t told Snape that Lupin knew she was pregnant. Sirius kept bugging Hollis about how fat she was getting “hey chubby, go easy on the soup” he said, Hollis laughed “don’t be a prick or I will beat you up” she said, Snape wasn’t very happy about Sirius’ wise cracks. Sirius laughed “you don’t need to beat me up anymore, instead you can just sit on me” Sirius said, Snape clenched his fists “one more crack about her weight and I will hex you into oblivion” Snape yelled. Sirius looked at him, trying to suppress a smile “calm down Sniv, I was just joking” Sirius said “Severus, his god damn name is Severus, and you can make all the cracks you want, just prepare to feel like an idiot when I beat the crap out of you” Hollis said, Snape smirked ‘ha-ha I win’ Snape thought.

            Hollis banished the boys to Lupin's office so she could wrap the last of the gifts, she hadn’t wrapped the gifts to her sister, Lucy, or Draco. She got Narcissa new dressing robes, she got Draco some quidditch stuff, and she got Lucy a book about irreversible curses, she was trying to send him a message. She wanted to get Snape something else but couldn’t think of anything he would want, it was frustrating. Hollis had received a letter earlier that day telling her that Harry was having Christmas with them, she couldn’t wait to see the look on Lucius’ face when he found out the boy was coming, oh how Lucy despised Harry. Hollis wasn’t excited about Harry coming, Harry had a crush on her and acted very oddly around her, though she hated the dark lord, she hated Harry for killing him. She wasn’t excited to tell Snape, Snape hated Harry more than the dark lord did, she knew it would ruin his Christmas which made her hate harry a little more. After Hollis wrapped the presents she decided she would just relax for a while before telling the boys it was okay to come back in.

            Hollis ended up falling asleep, she slept through the night, Sirius slept on the floor so Hollis could have a good sleep, he noticed she had been looking tired lately. When Hollis finally woke up she was confused “what time is it?” she asked, Sirius chuckled “ten’ Sirius said, Hollis jumped up “at night” she yelled. Sirius laughed again “no actually, in the morning” he said “you mean I slept all night?” Hollis said, Sirius nodded “where is Severus?” Hollis asked “here” Snape said. Hollis looked over, Snape was standing in the kitchen “Christmas tomorrow” he said, Hollis smiled awkwardly “about that” she said. Snape looked at her curiously “what’s wrong?” he asked, Hollis chuckled oddly “well um… Harry is coming” she mumbled “excuse me?” he said “Harry is coming” she said. Snape looked like he hadn’t heard what she had said, then all of a sudden he went into full rage mode, ranting on about how ridiculous it was that harry was coming to Christmas. Hollis walked over and patted his shoulders “calm down” she said, Sirius looked angry at all the negative things Snape had just said about harry and his father “and Sirius, don’t bother getting mad” Hollis said.

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