Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


15. Chapter 14

            Hollis and Lupin hung out for a while before Hollis finally decided to go back down to Snape’s quarters, when she got back Snape was asleep. Hollis sighed and went to get a drink of whiskey then realized she couldn’t have it because she was pregnant “god damn it” Hollis yelled as she threw the bottle of whiskey into the sink, breaking the bottle. Sirius who was sleeping on the couch woke up when the bottle broke “where were you?” he asked, Hollis sighed again “with Lupin” Hollis answered “right” Sirius said as he rolled over and fell back asleep. Hollis snuck into Snape’s room and got into her pajamas, Hollis suddenly wasn’t as excited for Christmas, she had to spend the whole day with stupid Lucy trying to pretend that she didn’t sleep with him, trying to pretend she didn’t enjoy it. Hollis got into bed and snuggled into Snape “where were you?” he asked, he was wide awake “with Lupin” Hollis said, he glared at her “what, am I not allowed to have friends” Hollis yelled. Snape frowned “yes, I was just worried” he said, this made Hollis feel even worse about betraying him “I love you, I am so sorry” she said, she was crying. Snape rolled his eyes “how many months left of you being over emotional?” he asked, Hollis punched him but laughed “five or six” Hollis answered “oh lord” he said.

            Christmas was in three days, Hollis had gotten everyone their presents weeks ago, she had gotten Snape a rare potions book and some other stuff that she was going to give to him privately, and she got Sirius a bunch of dog toys and some knick-knacks from diagon alley. Hollis had decorated Snape’s quarters with tinsel and lights, he reluctantly helped her fix the tree, Snape had never had a good Christmas, his childhood Christmases were painful and his adult Christmases weren’t much better. Hollis was determined to make this the best Christmas ever, she had made Lucius invite the Weasleys over to the manor for Christmas dinner, and made Mr. Weasley say yes. So the Malfoys were coming to the Weasleys in the morning and then they were all going to the manor for dinner, Lucius’ friends couldn’t help but laugh at him, he had to spend Christmas with the biggest blood traitor family, it was hilarious to them. Hollis did see the hilarity to the situation but she was not having her families be separate on her first real Christmas since she had become herself again.

            She had decided that she was going to announce she was pregnant by giving her mum a Christmas ornament that said ‘worlds best grandma’, Hollis thought it was the cutest smartest idea for a pregnancy announcement ever. Hollis was getting excited about having her baby, she and Snape were starting to think of names, they had only discussed boys names, they had decided on either Callum or Ethan, Snape liked Callum and Hollis like Ethan and it was leaning more towards Callum. They just thought it was going to be a boy, they never even questioned the possibility of a girl. Hollis was excited to tell Ginny the news that she was going to be an aunt, Ginny loved babies and was really good with them, when their aunt Darcy came to visit she left Hollis and Ginny to watch her daughter who was only one. The more Hollis thought about having this baby the more happy she got, sometimes she would get overwhelmed and break down in tears, she was breaking down more and more these days, she was just so excited to tell everyone. She also knew that George and Fred would pick up on how babies are made and gross out Ginny and Ron, they were like that. She was going to give mum her present last so that everyone could enjoy their presents before she dropped the bomb on them, she was so excited. Snape was the exact opposite, he did not want to go to the burrow or the manor, and he certainly did not want to be there when Hollis told her father, her dad had already threatened Snape at Hollis’ birthday party, and he just knew that her dad would kill him. 

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