Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


13. Chapter 12

                Snape and Hollis sat in the waiting room at St. Mungos “Hollis Marie Black” the nurse called Hollis cringed, she hated her middle name. Hollis smiled at the nurse “can he come in with me?” Hollis asked, the nurse smiled back “yes of course” the nurse said, Hollis took Snapes hand and they walked into the doctor’s office. The doctor was tall with brown hair and brown eyes, he was rather goofy looking with his buck teeth and glasses “Hello Miss. Black, I am Dr. Alan Burns” the doctor said, Hollis smiled at the doctor “hello” she said. The doctor looked at Snape “is this your father” he said, Snape glared at the doctor “no actually, we are um…” Hollis said “together” Snape finished “really?” the doctor said. Hollis huffed “excuse me but that is none of your business” Hollis said “anyways Miss. Black, please sit up on the examination table” the doctor said. Hollis got up on the table “now Miss. Black, you were complaining about headaches, cramps and nausea” the doctor asked “you were sick and you did not tell me” Snape said “yes well, I thought it best to go to the doctors” Hollis replied. The doctor rolled his eyes at them, he waved his wand at Hollis “well you do not have a virus, infection, or diseases” the doctor informed them “well then what is it” Snape said. The doctor smiled oddly at them “well Miss. Black, I am pleased to tell you that you are two months pregnant” the doctor said, Hollis had had a hunch that might have been what it was but she didn’t want to say it until the doctor had confirmed. Snape and Hollis looked at each other, it was hard to tell what Snape was thinking, even though his face was never overly expressive Hollis could usually tell how he was feeling, but right now she had absolutely no idea.

                Snape and Hollis went back to the Leaky Cauldron in silence, they packed their bags in silence, and went back to Hogwarts in silence. When they got back Sirius was in the kitchen eating a large sandwich “so how was your weekend?” he asked, Hollis nodded and Snape didn’t say or do anything. Sirius looked at them with deep contemplation “did you fight?” he asked “no” Hollis replied, Sirius stroked his scruffy beard “then what happened?” he asked. Snape and Hollis looked at each other and then back at Sirius “can you leave” Hollis said “not really” Sirius replied, Hollis rolled her eyes “fine, well go sit in the bathroom and lock the door” she said. Sirius looked confused but did what she said, Hollis and Snape sat down on the couch and looked at each other “what do you think?” Hollis said, Snape just looked at her, he was unsure how he felt, he had always wanted to be a father, and he was great with Draco when he was little but now he just didn’t know. Hollis was welling up with tears “say something ”Hollis said“ how you feel?” he asked “nauseous” Hollis replied, Snape was also welling up with tears which was extremely odd because Snape never cried, ever. Hollis put her head on his shoulder “are you happy?” she asked, he kissed the top of her head “are you?” he asked, Hollis snuggled into him “I guess” she said. Snape hugged her for a while “me too” he said, “can I come out now” Sirius yelled from inside the bathroom, Hollis “yes” she yelled back.


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