Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


12. Chapter 11

                Hollis looked around the room in the leaky cauldron that she and Snape had stayed in, when she heard a tapping on the window. She got up and opened the window, a dark brown owl was outside holding a letter, Hollis took the letter from him and started to read “You must find the blood beetle, we need to kill Sirius –Narcissa”. Hollis sighed, she had enough to worry about without Narcissa getting on her case about killing Sirius, and she hadn’t even thought about what happened with Lucy the other day, and she had her doctor appointment the next day, and she had to deal with her stalker student, she was exhausted. Snape had gone to the potion store to buy some ingredients he couldn’t get in hogsmede, Hollis was getting bored of waiting and decided to go for a walk. She went into Gambol and Japes joke shop, she walked around looking at all of the things, she got bored and decided to go down into knockturn alley into Borgin and Burkes. Hollis walked in, it was empty except for Mr. Burkes “good morning Mr. Burkes” Hollis said “good morning Miss. Black, what can I do for you today?” he asked “nothing, just looking around” Hollis answered. She looked at shrunken heads, cursed books, and enchanted furniture, she was peering over some jewelry “hello Hollis” someone said, Hollis jumped back, knocking over the person behind her. She ended up lying on top of the man who had scared her “Lucy” she said. Lucius lay underneath her on the floor of Borgin and Burkes, Hollis stood up “it is not nice to scare people” Hollis said, Lucius smirked “hello” he said “what are you doing here?” he asked “just looking around” Hollis answered. Hollis kept walking through the store, Lucius following her “any luck finding the box?” Lucius asked “no” Hollis replied, Lucius stopped her from walking “your wife owled me this morning” Hollis said. Lucius rolled his eyes “you mean your sister” he said “yes, who is also your wife” she said.

                Hollis was looking at her feet, she didn’t want to meet Lucius’ gaze, she knew that if she were to look into his eyes there might be a repeat of the other day “what’s wrong?” Lucius asked. They were standing in a corner of the shop, there was a giant wardrobe blocking them from view of anyone else “Hollis” he said, Hollis looked up at him, his skin was so pale and soft “Lucius” she said, he smiled “not Lucy?” he asked “no” she answered. They looked at each other, Hollis was breathing strangely, she put her hand on the back of his neck and kissed him, they stood there kissing for a while “Lucy” she said “yes” he replied, Hollis smiled “nothing” she said. Lucius held Hollis tight and apperated, Hollis hadn’t noticed that they were now in Malfoy Manor, in the guest bedroom. Hollis lifted her robes over her head “you are a bastard” Hollis said, Lucius was sliding his trousers off “I know” he said. Hollis and Lucius slid up onto the bed, Hollis grabbed the silky green blankets and pulled it over them “soft blanket” she said “pure silk” he replied. Hollis laughed, Lucius was just as muscular as one would assume, he was in perfect shape, his long blonde hair tickled her cheeks as it swished around “here” she said, she handed him a hair elastic, he pulled his hair back revealing his strong neck and shoulders “you are handsome” Hollis said, Lucius smiled evilly “and you are gorgeous” he said.

                Lucius flopped down beside Hollis “I have to go back to diagon alley” Hollis said “Snape will be expecting me” Lucius stroked her cheek “yes, here is your shirt” he said, handing her her blouse. Hollis threw her clothes on and apperated back into Borgin and Burkes “hello Miss. Black, Severus was in here looking for you” Burke said “thank you” Hollis replied. Hollis sprinted back to their room in the leaky cauldron “where were you?” Snape asked “just walking around” Hollis said, Hollis looked at the clock it was 10:00 “sorry I am so late” she said. Snape smiled “that is fine” he said, Hollis started crying “I am sorry” she said, Snape peeled her off of him “I told you, it is fine” he said. Hollis hugged him “will you come with me to the doctors tomorrow?” she asked “yes, if you wish” Snape answered. She squeezed him tight “I love you” she said, Snape looked taken back “I love you too” he said, Snape was definitely not a mushy lovey-dovey guy so Hollis didn’t expect him to return the ‘I love you’. She wiped her eyes “do you have any parchment?” Hollis asked “top drawer of the desk” Snape said, Hollis walked over to the desk, pulled out a piece of parchment and began to write “Dear Lucy, I will kill you if you speak of today. I love Severus and if he found out he would kill us both if Narcissa didn’t beat him to it. Just pretend it never happened. –Hollis”. Hollis put the letter in an envelope and called an owl “Lucius Malfoy, Malfoy Manor” she told it, she made sure Snape was out of hearing distance before telling the owl where to go “and make sure it is Lucius, no one else” she said. 

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