Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


1. Chapter 1

                Hollis sat excitedly next to her boyfriend, Severus Snape, across from them was Albus Dumbledore “thank you” Hollis said cheerfully. Snape didn’t look as impressed as she did “you are welcome my dear” Albus said “thanks” Hollis said again and then left the two men in the office. Severus stood up “Severus my boy, sit down” Albus said, Severus didn’t listen, they just looked at each other “she is perfect Severus” Albus said. Severus glared at him “and what exactly makes her perfect for the job and not I” Severus said, Albus looked at him sympathetically “Severus, you already have a position here” Albus said “and Miss. Weasley-Black does not”. Severus rolled his eyes “she just wants to be called Miss. Black now” Severus said “seeing as she is the only one besides her idiot cousin to carry the Black name whereas there are many Weasley's” Albus nodded “yes well Miss. Black fills the role of DADA professor wonderfully and if I were to give you that position who would be the potions master and what teaching spot would Miss. Black take” Albus said. Severus glared at him “did it ever occur to you that she was my apprentice and has the same knowledge of potions as I” Severus said “yes Severus, well my mind is made up” Albus said “yes” Severus replied and then stormed out of Dumbledore's office.

                It was Hollis’ birthday tomorrow and the Weasley's and the Malfoys were coming to the castle to celebrate her turning 31, she looked as if she was only about 20. Hollis was nervous about having the two families together seeing as how they hated each other, but it wouldn’t be fair if she had to choose between the two. Since Hollis didn’t really have a home they decided to have the party at Hogwarts, they were going to have it in the great hall, all the teachers were coming as well as some of Hollis’ old friends that hadn’t seen her in ages, they had also decided that the kids could stay there after the party because school started one day after her birthday. Hollis was dancing around Severus’ quarters; she had poured herself a glass of sunshine vodka and turned on her favorite muggle music. Severus walked in and sat on the couch, Hollis danced over and handed him a glass of the sunshine vodka, Hollis and Severus had quite different personalities and Hollis personality ranged from snarky and sarcastic to bubbly and cheerful. Severus drank down the vodka “what is this?” he asked “sunshine vodka, Andy gave it to me when I went to see her last week, Dora is so lovely” Hollis said, Hollis sat down next to Severus and put her head on his shoulder. She snuggled right into him like a baby “you smell like the forest” she said Severus rolled his eyes “you smell like vodka” he said, Hollis punched him in the shoulder.

                The next morning Hollis woke up at six and started cooking breakfast, she was making her favorite blueberry pancakes with pineapple wedges. She had turned the radio up loud and was singing, she had a lovely voice, Hollis had been extremely energetic the past few weeks. Hollis looked at the clock it was almost ten and Severus was still asleep, she ran into the room and jumped on the bed “wake up” she yelled. Severus shook awake, he didn’t look impressed “hand me my wand, I want to curse you” he said Hollis kissed him on the head “get up”. Hollis pranced back off to the kitchen “idiot” Snape said, he got out of bed and walked into the kitchen “sit down monsieur” she said. After breakfast they got dressed and went up to the great hall to get ready for their guests “Andy isn’t coming, and don’t tell anyone I talked to Andy okay, because they will you know, kill me” she said to Snape as they walked up the stairs from the dungeon. When they got to the top of the steps they were greeted by Dumbledore, he looked worried “come with me” he said, Severus and Hollis looked at each other and followed.

                They walked with him to the great hall, Dumbledore opened the door “surprise” her family was there already “Happy birthday Holly” Narcissa said giving her a hug, Hollis walked around and gave everyone hugs and hellos. Hollis loved to annoy her sister’s husband Lucius, he was just so fun to bug “Lucy” Hollis smiled and gave him a hug “your hair looks phenomenal” she laughed, he did not look happy “Lucy, you know what you are supposed to do when someone compliments you” she wagged her finger jokingly. “Thank you” he said “good boy Lucy” Hollis laughed and walked over to Fred and Ginny, Lucius glared at her as she walked away. Hollis gave Ginny a big hug “excited for school?” Hollis asked “oh yes just over joyed” Ginny said sarcastically “shut up Gin” Fred said, they all chuckled. Mrs. Weasley walked up and gave Hollis a hug “mum” Hollis said happily “I missed you, I didn’t visit nearly as much as I wanted to” she said, Mrs. Weasley was crying, Hollis looked at her confusedly “what’s wrong?” she asked, Mrs. Weasley gave her another hug “I just missed you too” Mrs. Weasley said “dad” Hollis said. Her dad was talking to Snape, he looked angry “um dad?” Hollis said “Hollis” Arthur said he gave her a big hug “I was just talking to Severus” he said “I can see that, what were you talking about?” she asked cheekily poking her dad in the shoulder they both straightened up “nothing of importance” Snape said Hollis looked oddly at them “freaks” she said.

                Ginny ran up to Hollis “presents” she said, Ginny dragged Hollis over to a table where everyone was sitting, Ginny passed her a box. Hollis opened it, it was a book about endangered magical creatures “thanks Gin” she said, Hollis opened all the other presents, she got some joke stuff from Fred and George, she got a small jewellery box from Narcissa, Lucy, and Draco, she got a book about dragons from Charlie, and a bunch of random knick-knacks from everyone else. After Hollis opened the presents everyone went back to chatting, Narcissa walked over to Hollis and pulled her out of the hall “what’s up Cissy?” Hollis asked, Narcissa looked around to make sure no one was around “there is a blood beetle inside” she said. Hollis’ eyes opened wide “why?” Hollis asked “just in case. It was Lucius’ idea” Narcissa said, Hollis laughed “typical Lucy” Hollis said “it’s not a party without some dark magic”. Narcissa smiled and they walked back into the party, Hollis skipped right over to Lucius “thanks for the gift Lucy” Hollis winked “yes well I thought it may come in handy in the near future” he said, Hollis looked at him suspiciously “what do you mean?” she asked, he just smiled evilly “you shall see”. He walked away to see his wife, Hollis watched him then went to see Severus “hi” she said pulling Severus into the hall where she and Narcissa were standing earlier “am I missing something?” she asked, Snape had no idea what she was talking about “what are you talking about?” he asked “well Lucy just told me I may need to use a blood beetle in the near future” she said. He looked confused “I have no idea what Lucius meant” Snape said “well what do you think he means, you are smart” she said “there may be something dark happening soon” he said. She pinched the bridge of her nose “well yes, that is obvious, I meant what kind of dark thing will happen. You don’t think that the dark lord will return?” she asked nervously clenching her left arm “impossible” Snape said “he is dead” Hollis hugged him “don’t you believe he will return, he is the most powerful wizard in the world, he couldn’t be destroyed by a baby” she said, she was still didnt let go of him “he will return, I know he will” she continued “he could not be destroyed by Harry, he is too powerful to be destroyed, and with all the death eaters looking for him he will soon return” she was crying “he can’t return Severus, I am scared”. 

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