Gone Pirate [Hetalia Fanfiction: Pirate!England]

Katerina Lockhart fell in love with Arthur Kirkland, a kind, gentle man in the English navy. After his orders to move to another base, Katerina awaits the day he will come back. Her dreams are shattered when the news arrives: Arthur and his crew are hostages, taken by pirates. Arthur has been pronounced dead. After that day, Katerina's heart froze.

Five years later, she is about to be married to a different man, when she is kidnapped by her supposedly dead lover. What will Katerina do now?

[Rated Yellow Due to the fact that I have no idea what's gonna appear and when.]


4. Brig

       Katerina was forced to live in the brig for four days. That blasted pirate, also known as Captain Arthur, did not come to see her again after that first time, preferring to let her temper simmer in the dimness of the brig. All that time, she was left alone. The first day, the only time she ever really saw the light of the sun or even another person was when the young, blond boy who had accompanied Arthur the first time he'd seen her, brought her food twice a day.

        The boy had untied her on the evening of her first day of imprisonment. As he was untying her, he spoke. "I'm Alfred. Captain hired me as a cabin boy. I do odd jobs on deck. I'm really sorry he did this. But I bet he'll let you out soon. Maybe you can help me do some odd jobs?" Katerina said nothing in response. Alfred sighed.

        "Arthur still loves you, you know. Today, when they brought you on board, he even yelled at his sister about it." Katerina raised her head at the new tidbit of information. "He has a sister?" Alfred nodded, his cerulean eyes wide. "Yeah, 'course he does. He's got two other brothers, too." 

           Katerina processed the information for a moment before mumbling, "He never told me that." Alfred sighed and nodded. "That's the Captain for ya. He's pretty secretive now-a-days. Actually, nobody knew he was in love with you before he and Ember got into that fight. We just thought he was gonna hold you for ransom." Katerina rubbed her sore wrists as Alfred finished untying the ropes that had bound her to her chair. 

           "Thank you, Alfred," she murmured. The boy bowed slightly and smiled. "Captain's not as bad as he acts. He's pretty nice, when he's not pissed." Katerina bent over, rubbing her ankles, as well. "Yes, well, he's still an idiot." Alfred smiled a bit wider. "Yeah, I think so too, sometimes. Just don't let him hear. He'll punish ya big time if he does." 

            Katerina sat up and pushed her hair back, saying nothing. "Well, Miss Katerina...That's your name, right?" Katerina sighed and nodded. "I changed it to Lily, but everyone seems to think that Katerina suits me more than Lily. Call me Kat, if you like. No Miss. I'm not so aristocratic that I enjoy being referred to by such formal titles." Alfred nodded, raising an eyebrow at her unfamiliar proper speech. "Okay, Kat. Um, I'll be back later." Alfred turned his back on her and began walking away. 

          "Wait, Alfred." Alfred stopped just as his hand was on the door handle, ready to pull back on it. He turned to face Katerina. "Yeah?" Katerina bit her lip. "I have two questions. Can you get me new clothing? I'm tired of being in this night dress. It's far too revealing." Alfred smiled at her. "I'll see what I can do." She nodded. "What's the second question, Mis- Er, I mean, Kat?" A small smile, minuscule, really, played at the corner of her mouth. 

          "How old are you?" Alfred gulped, hesitating. Finally, he spoke. "What I tell the crew members? Or actually?" Katerina smirked. "So you lie about your age, then?" Alfred nodded, somewhat ashamed. "Only Captain knows my real age. No one else." Katerina thought for a moment. "Tell me both ages." 

          Alfred took a deep breath. "I tell the crew members I'm sixteen, seventeen in three weeks." Katerina raised an eyebrow. The boy certainly looked like he could be sixteen-going-on-seventeen. "How old are you really, then?" Alfred looked down at his feet and traced his shoes along the floor boards. "Thirteen, going on fourteen in three weeks." Katerina very nearly gasped but held back the reaction. 

         "Really? Well, you've done a marvelous job at fooling everyone. Really. I honestly thought you looked around eighteen." Alfred looked up and grinned. "Great! I'm for sure fooling the entire crew, then, 'cause they're all pretty dumb. That's why they're pirates, after all." Katerina sighed. "Why are you a cabin boy to pirates if you hold them in such low esteem, then?" Alfred frowned. "Sorry, Kat. I don't really like to talk about it. Maybe you'll know someday. Anyway, I'll come back tomorrow morning. Take care." Katerina nodded. "You, too, Alfred."

         Katerina couldn't help but think that maybe, just maybe, she'd found a friend in this young cabin boy. 


      Alfred left the brig, quickly walking to the upper deck. After getting to know Katerina just the slightest bit, he was kind of angry at the Captain for kidnapping a girl who only wanted to be left alone, who had already tried to make her peace with the fact that the love of her life was dead. In all honesty, he wanted to yell at the Captain, but he knew that he would simply get beaten or something of the like should he attempt discussing such a matter with the Captain. 

      The young boy made his way to the Captain's quarters. As he approached the room, he felt himself grow nervous. He raised his hand, gulping, and then knocking gently on the door. There was silence for a moment, and then a voice. "Enter." Alfred took a deep breath and opened the door. He walked into the room quickly. Normally he wouldn't be so nervous to talk to the Captain, but that day, he knew that the Captain was in a foul mood. 

     The Captain was sitting at his desk, a pair of glasses perched precariously on the bridge of his nose, a quill with dark black ink dripping off of the tip grasped between his index finger and thumb.  

      At the sight of his cabin boy, Captain Arthur sighed and removed the glasses, twirling them around with his free hand. "What is it that you want, Alfred?" Alfred gulped. "Miss Katerina requested that she be given different clothes." Arthur raised an eyebrow, an amused smile at his lips. "Oh?" Alfred nodded. Arthur shrugged. "It's just as well. Give her what she wishes. See Ember about the clothing." Alfred nodded and turned to leave, then remembering the conversation he'd had with Katerina, turned back to Arthur. Arthur, who had gone back to writing whatever it was he had to write on a piece of parchment, looked up. "What is it now?" Alfred gulped again.

    "Miss Katerina asked me to call her Kat. With all due respect, sir, I believe it would be best for you to do the same." Arthur mulled the suggestion over for a few moments. Alfred was tense, waiting for an answer. "Fine. I'll do as you suggest. Now, be off with you. I have work to get done." Alfred smiled in relief. "Yes, sir." 

    Alfred left the room and sped off to Ember's room, which was down the hall from the Captain's own room.  He burst into her room loudly, smiling brightly. "Ember! You awake?" The sound of a body hitting the ground resounded through the room. Ember groggily rose from the floor, where she had rolled to after being surprised by Alfred's sudden bursting into her room.

   "Ya git! I'll slaug'er you!" She slurred, still half asleep. Alfred rolled his eyes. Although he was respectful to the Captain, he treated Ember as more of a sister than a superior. Most of the time, he was gentle and kind to her, but at that moment, he was so excited, he tossed courtesy to the wind.

   "Whad'dya wan' 'rom me, git?" Ember asked, pushing herself up and wrapping a blanket around her shoulders. She yawned and rubbed her eyes. Alfred sat in front of her and wait for her groggy accent to fade away. Ember was originally from Ireland, although she'd moved to London as a small child. She still had traces of her Irish accent when she awoke and was still half asleep. 

    It took about five minutes for Ember to truly wake up from any form of sleep, whether it be a nap or a normal night of rest. After five minutes of Ember yawning, rubbing her eyes, and combing down her short hair with her fingers, she stretched out her arms and sighed. "Like I said before, what do you want from me, git?" Alfred smiled broadly.

     "So you know Kat?" Ember raised an eyebrow and yawned again. She leaned backwards. A loud crack resounded through the room. Alfred winced. "It's not good to crack your back like that." Ember ignored him.  "Who the hell is Kat?" She asked. Alfred's mouth formed a silent 'oh'.  "I forgot. I meant Miss Katerina. She prefers to be called Kat, though." Ember raised both eyebrows, now. "And you know this how, exactly?" 

    "Arthur had me bring her food and untie her so I kinda talked with her." Ember frowned. "Captain Arthur, you git. And why would you do that?" Alfred shrugged. "I'm kind of curious about her. Anyway, she said that although her name is Lily, since everyone keeps calling her Katerina, she prefers to be called Kat, no Miss, since she's not a...a... aristo-cat or something." 

   Ember's frown grew deeper. "Aristocrat. Just how much of an uneducated brat are you?" Alfred smiled and ignored her insult. "Like I was saying. Kat and I were talking and she asked me if she could have some better clothes so then I-" 

   "Captain said to come to me, didn't he?" Alfred nodded sheepishly. "Yeah. So do you have any clothes that might fit her?" Ember shrugged and rose from the ground, the blanket still around her shoulders. She shuffled to her wardrobe, her bare feet padding softly against the wooden floor, and began thumbing through her clothes, throwing out a shirt or a pair of pants or a jacket or some other item every so often. Eventually, two shirts, two pairs of pants, a pair of black, leather boots, a blue jacket and a cap were on the floor. 

   "This should be enough, for now. I'll have to tell the Captain to buy her some more decent clothes and such at the next port." Alfred nodded and scooped up the items. "I'll take them to her now." Ember nodded. "Thank you, Ember!" Alfred called on his way out. "No problem!" She called back. Under her breath, she murmured, "If only these things could make up for taking her away from her home." 

   Alfred made his way back to the brig and entered the room quickly. "Kat?" Katerina, who had been sitting on the floor with her back against the wall, her eyes closed, opened one eye. "Yes?" Even if she had been raised an aristocrat, she had always refused to act like one and always sat in the most un-lady like of positions. 

   "It's Alfred." Katerina jumped up, both her eyes flying open. "Did you get the clothes?" Alfred nodded. "Yeah, I did!" He showed her the clothing. She smiled. "At least here I get to wear comfortable clothing." Alfred, who had lit a candle so that they could see in the increasing darkness and was holding out the clothing for her to see, raised an eyebrow. "Huh?"

   Katerina smiled. "At my home, I always had to wear the most uncomfortable dresses! It was torture to put on a corset and a petticoat and all sorts of nonsense. Here, at the least, I'm able to dress in clothing that allows me to move without so many restrictions." Alfred smiled. "That's good, right?" Katerina nodded. A sad smile suddenly overcame her features a moment. "Even so, I still miss home and my parents." She wiped her eyes, a stinging sensation filling them, as if she were about to cry. She nearly growled at herself in anger. It was ludicrous to cry! She hadn't cried since she had thought she'd lost that idiot Arthur, and she had promised herself never to shed another tear after that ordeal. 

    She sighed. "Alfred, if you wouldn't mind leaving the room, I'll change." Alfred's cheeks were dusted bright red as he thought of her changing. Although he was rather young, he was still, after all, male, and therefore liable to think of odd thoughts involving women. "S-Sorry, Kat! I-I'll be right outside!" He left the room in a hurry and breathed a sigh of relief once out in the hall. 

   Katerina quickly discarded her night dress, wrinkling her nose in disgust at the now raggedy cloth. She quickly slipped on a pair of brown pants that ended up being tighter than she'd thought and a white shirt with long sleeves and ruffles running down the center. The pair of black, leather boots were slid onto her feet almost immediately. Her feet felt much better, encased in a protective layer of leather, far away from the disgusting floor of the brig. She slipped on the blue jacket that had been provided for her and found that it fit perfectly. She left the cap on the floor, preferring to keep her hair flowing freely and not encased, as she herself was in the brig. 

   She smiled. "Alfred?" She called out. A head of blond hair peeked through the door, looking down at the ground. "Is it okay to look?" She laughed. "Yes. I am clothed, so it is fine." Alfred looked up at her and went wide eyed. "Huh. I think you look better in pirate clothes." Kat frowned. "I'm not sure whether to be complimented or offended. I'll take it as the former." 

   Alfred shrugged and entered the room. "Whose clothing was this?" Kat braced herself, waiting for Alfred to say that the clothing had belonged to all the dead female pirates, (not that there could be many), slain in battle or that Arthur just so happened to have a full store of feminine clothing for certain occasions. Instead, the answer she received surprised her.    

   "Ember, the Captain's sister, the one I was talking about earlier. She said that she'll ask the Captain to get you more clothes at the next port." Katerina frowned. "Tell her not to. I'm fine with these clothes. She has already give me enough. Tell her I am glad for the clothing and need nothing more." Alfred raised an eyebrow but didn't object. "Okay. I have to go now, Kat. Sleep well. I'll try to see what I can do about these current arrangements, okay?"  Katerina nodded. "Alright. Good night." Alfred nodded and left quickly. 

    Katerina sighed and sat in the chair that still sat at the center of the sparse room, unwilling to sleep after such an odd day.

    "I wonder what these days will bring?"      

A/N: GAHHHHH I haven't updated in a thousand years! I feel horrible. I've had a major case of writer's block for this thing so yeah. Sowy! Um, yeah. Anyway. If I don't update much of anything, it's mostly 'cause I have writer's block. My backspace key on my keyboard is completely fricked up. It is the worst thing in the world to be me and not have a backspace button. I make sooooooo many mistakes. Too many. And I have hit the backspace a lot. Which is probably why it's broken. Anyway. Thank you for reading! Before I forget, thanks for the 9 likes and 7 favorites! It's more than I thought this would get! Grazie! 

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