Just A Little Bit... (Sex 16+)

So this Movella is practically like any other. Niall of One Direction falls in love with a girl who happens to be Harry's sister. Not Gemma, the other one. The unheard of styles. The unwanted styles. Harry and his whole family hate this sister of his, but will the rest of One Direction? Or is she just an unlucky girl that got caught up in the mess that is One Direction. Feel free to like favourite and comment and I will need characters so if you do that I can put you in :) thanks guys. And enjoy... *drumroll* Just A Little Bit...


1. the unwanted styles.

Stephs POV

'Steph I swear to god if you don't get your ass here now I'll fuking hurt you!' My dad screamed. I hate him. I grabbed my run away bag and ran out the window as I heard his footsteps on the hard wood stairs. I jumped down the house to the ground, with amazing skill might I add, and ran. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm not staying here. I ran to the only place I know. Home. My real home. My old house. After mum died it was too much for us. We had to move. As far away as possible at that. So that's when we moved to New Zealand. I hate it here. It's weird because we where going to move to Australia but dad said it's not far enough. The only problem... We lived in England. Me Harry and Gemma. Yeah you've probably figured it out by now. My name Is Stephanie Mckenzie Styles. The unheard of Styles. When mum divorced dad and married the other guy, I never even met him and still don't know his name, mum said she didn't want me to ruin yet another marriage. Harsh. I know. It's hard not to miss my brother. I see him everywhere. Busses, magazines, television. It breaks my heart whenever he mentions his family. How much he loves them and cares for them. His family meaning mum, Gemma, that guy and him. They killed me and dad out of the picture. You may think 'why would I be running away to get to my other half of the family who want nothing to do with me?' Well really, I'm going to my old house before that. When we where all a happy family. Before dad turned rage, before the divorce. Before if all. When I was the wanted styles. The only problem, money. How do I get enough money to go all the way to England from New Zealand? The only country I have enough money to make it to is... Australia. But how will that help me? I was currently sitting at the park doing research on my phone when an alarm came up. It meant Harry tweeted something. I logged on and checked it out. 'Having a great as time in Australia! Can't wait for the meet and greet in Brisbane to see all your lovely faces :) ' oh my gosh. This is meant to be. I got on the next flight to Brisbane. Harry, please help me.

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