Just A Little Bit... (Sex 16+)

So this Movella is practically like any other. Niall of One Direction falls in love with a girl who happens to be Harry's sister. Not Gemma, the other one. The unheard of styles. The unwanted styles. Harry and his whole family hate this sister of his, but will the rest of One Direction? Or is she just an unlucky girl that got caught up in the mess that is One Direction. Feel free to like favourite and comment and I will need characters so if you do that I can put you in :) thanks guys. And enjoy... *drumroll* Just A Little Bit...


2. ma'am.

'Im sorry we're just waiting on one more passenger to board the plane ma'am. It won't be just one second.' The hostess told me. I asked her if we can just hurry up and take off. Nicely of course. That was when someone in baggy clothes and a beans and sunglasses came on and sat straight next to me. Of course. 'Please prepare for take off.' Was said through the intercom. 'Finally.' I sighed. I noted that the guy next to me kept looking at me. 'Sorry, can I help you?' I asked kindly. He took off his sunglasses and his baggy jumper and I realized he looked about my age and highly attractive. 'Umm, sorry. I'm Niall. What's your name?' He asked putting out his hand. 'Steph.' He nodded. 'And does Niall have a last name?' I asked. 'Horan. Niall Horan. You?' I paused unsure. 'Styles. Stephanie styles.' His eyes went wide. 'What?' I laughed. 'Sorry. Nothing. It's just, do you know one direction?' He asked. 'Yeah, not really. I know that my brother is in the band but that's it.' His eyes went wider. 'Oh wow. Umm.. I'm Niall Horan. Of one direction. Are you serious when you say that Harry's your brother??' He asked. I nodded. 'When mum and dad divorced mum took Harry and Gemma and dad took me. We live here in New Zealand.' He looked in complete awe. 'I can't believe it. You really are his sister. He told us the exact same story.' He smiled. 'Do you have our albums?' I took out my blue iPhone 5c when the hostess turned off the seatbelt fastened sign. 'Yeah. Midnight memories is my favourite though I have them all.' I answered. 'Can you pull up the midnight memories cover?' I did. He pointed to the guy who looked exactly like himself on the cover. 'Thats me.' He told me. I smiled and nodded. 'Your very good looking.' I told him. 'On the album.' I finished. We laughed together. 'Thats Zayn, Liam, Louis-' I didn't let him finish 'and that's Harry.' I told him. He smiled. 'Yeah.' He answered. There was a moments silence. I just looked at Harry. 'Whats he like?' I asked. 'He's so cool. He's the nicest person I know. Always got jokes and ready for a laugh. Just like you.' He answers. I just smile. 'Anyway. Tell me about yourself Niall.' I told him. 'My names Niall James Horan, I'm in One Direction, birthday September 13, I'm 20 now, oh. And I'm Irish.' I laughed. 'I figured. That's a great accent you have.' He laughed. 'So iv been told.' We just talked about junk for pretty much the rest of the flight. It was silent for about a minute. 'He's looking for you you know. Harry. He won't let you go this time.' I smiled huge at that. 'I just want my brother back. I miss him so much. I was always told by dad that mum Harry and Gemma hated me. That they gave me to dad so he could punish me for ruining the family. That's why dad beat and rape me and all that stuff.' I don't know why I trust him so much. He looked really really upset. 'Why are you upset?' I asked. 'Because that's really sad that you went through that.' He told me. I just laughed. 'Thats no reason for you to be upset! C'mon. Your Niall Horan! Great happy care free. That's my sad life, not yours. You should be super happy that your life is great. Not sad that mine isn't.' I told him. He just smiled and hugged me. 'Your so special. you know that?' He asked in my ear still hugging me. I nodded. 'I do now.' I whispered. 'You smell nice.' I told him. He just laughed. 'So do you.' He put the arm rest up and undid my seatbelt. 'What are you doing?' I laughed. 'Im cold. You told me you like hugs. Your sitting on my lap.' He told me. I just laughed. He dragged me over to his lap. He was a comfy chair, not gonna lie. It was another half our of talking and lap sitting when we told to get back to our seats for the descent. There's was a bump all of a sudden and I grabbed Niall's hand as reflex. I let go and we both started laughing. 'Its ok.' He told me. He grabbed my hand and the plane landed. When we finally got our luggage I hugged Niall. 'Bye.' I told him. 'You don't have to go.' He told me still hugging me. 'I do. It's okay. I'll see you tomorrow at the signing.' Told him. 'Don't be silly okay? If you don't have anywhere to stay just at least let me book you a hotel.' He told me. I thought about it. I really don't have anywhere to stay and limited cash. 'Fine. C'mon pretty boy.' I dragged him over to the taxi station where we got in a cab. 'Where to?' The driver asked. 'The nearest hotel.' Niall answered. 'Okay dokay.' Yes... He was Indian. We finally got there after about 30 minutes of defanging silence. 'One room for two.' Niall told the lady at the office. I was confused but went with it. 'Yes, I can do you room 332. Here's your key and enjoy your stay. Just one night at this stage yes?' She asked. 'Yes please ma'am.' He handed her $300. $200 for the room and $100 tip. We headed up with our luggage. 'So you didn't tell me why you where in New Zealand.' I told him. 'Football game.' He answered opening the door. Wow. This was nice. 'Oh my god!' I screamed. 'This is so cool!' I got up and jumped on the bed. 'THIS IS AMAZING!' I yelled. He just laughed. 'Its getting pretty late. I'll just call the boys and say in staying at a hotel.' He told me. I just laid on the bed and waited.

Niall's POV

I called Zayn and waited three rings before he picked up. 'Hey bro!' 'Hey Niall. How was the flight? Where are you?' He asked. 'Its okay, in god and safe. I found a friend on the plane and in staying with them in a hotel.' Zayn was silent. 'Is it a girl?' He asked. 'Yes.' I answered. There was another silence. 'Can I join yo-' I interupted him. 'Zayn!' I yelled. 'Niall c'mon man I won't hog h-' I interupted again 'zayn she's a friend!' I told him. He just laughed. 'Whatever.' He told me. 'Whats her name?' He asked. 'You can't tell anyone.' I told him. 'Okay. Shoot.' I paused. 'Her names Stephanie. Stephanie Styles.' There was a long silence. 'Dude you can't sleep with her.' I rolled my eyes. 'I know! She's Harry's sister.' I told him. 'Yeah, what are you gonna do?' He asked. 'Im taking her to the signing tomorrow.' I answered. 'Alright man. Be careful. You know how Harry is.' I nodded forgetting he couldn't see. 'Yeah. Alright. Thanks bro. See ya tomorrow.' 'Bye mate.'

Stephs POV

Niall came back out and I was still on the bed exept in my pj's. 'Ready for bed?' I asked. I laughed. 'Yep. Super tired.' I answered. He slipped off his shirt and pants and just slept in his boxers... Pretty sure I melted. He got in under the covers and all. I turned the light off and did the same. 'Goodnight Steph.' He hugged me and put his hands in my waist. 'Goodnight Niall. Thankyou.' And with that we both fell asleep.

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