Just A Little Bit... (Sex 16+)

So this Movella is practically like any other. Niall of One Direction falls in love with a girl who happens to be Harry's sister. Not Gemma, the other one. The unheard of styles. The unwanted styles. Harry and his whole family hate this sister of his, but will the rest of One Direction? Or is she just an unlucky girl that got caught up in the mess that is One Direction. Feel free to like favourite and comment and I will need characters so if you do that I can put you in :) thanks guys. And enjoy... *drumroll* Just A Little Bit...


4. I like him.

My heart jumped out if my chest when he left. What was he going to do to me? He obviously didn't want me here. I have no where to stay. Stupid fucking Steph. I should have stayed in New Zealand with my dad. 'What are you doing?' I heard Harry's voice behind me. I turned instantly. 'Harry. Umm... I'm just-' he didn't let me finish. 'What are you doing?' He repeated himself. 'Just thinking.' I whispered. He moved closer and rubbed my Cheek gently with his thumb. 'What about?' He asked gently and kindly. 'Life. I don't have anywhere I belong.' I mumbled. He put my hand on his heart. 'You belong here. With me. I'm sorry. I was in denial. I didn't believe that you where my sister. My mum told me you where dead. I did to want to believe that you where here. With me. But you are. Please don't leave again.' He told me. He came in instantly and hugged me. 'Your my sister. Don't listen to what anyone else tells you. You are my sister.' He told me. 'I miss you Harry.' I told him hugging back super tight. 'I miss you too.' He told me. I finally feel like I have a brother. 'So do you wanna go home now?' He asked. I'm guessing the signing finished. 'Okay.' I answered. He put out his hand and I hesitantly took it. 'Cmon. I'll take you to our car.' He told me. We went outside the tent and the lads met us at the car. In the back seat was me, Harry and Niall and in the front seat was Liam and Louis was driving. 'So what brings you here?' Liam asked. I didn't answer. I felt shy and uncomfortable. 'I umm... Let's not talk about me.' I barely whispered. 'Its okay. You must be shy. So are you going to stay with us for a while?' Asked Liam. 'I havnt thought about it. I guess I just came so I wouldn't have to live with my dad. I just don't want to love with an abusive person. It's scary.' I told everyone. 'Its okay. Your always welcome here.' Niall told me. I like him.


I live in Australia Queesnslan :) super hot here I'm dying!

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